Free Porn Video – Sunny Leone in Roleplay

Sunny Leone has been making quite a splash on the internet lately. Since she began Season 5 of the hit reality TV show in India, Bigg Boss, her online traffic has skyrocketed. We have posted some free pics from the SunLust Pictures release of Roleplay before, but there needs to be some kind of good freebie for people to understand exactly why Sunny Leone is getting all of this attention.

Yes, Sunny does look very hot pole dancing on Bigg Boss. Although, this pretty little lady has far more to offer than just some hot feature dance moves. The first being her magnificent body. Sunny Leone is an all natural woman. Those perky tits have never seen a knife, and we hope they never do. An ultra close second, is her beautiful mug. Sunny is an exotic breed the world has not laid eyes on often. Her Tibetan and Nahani heritage have bestowed her with some of the best genetics India has to offer, and her Canadian upbringing gives her a much looser personality to smile and flirt with.

We’re big fans of both Sunny Leone and SunLust Pictures here at Pink4Free, and we couldn’t be happier with her new found popularity world wide. Have fun watching this free porn video of Sunny Leone enjoying herself atop of a big, strong cock. Check out Roleplay to watch all of her hot sex scenes.

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Free Porn Gallery – Girlfriends Films – Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 35

Girlfriends Films - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 DVDGirlfriends Films is easily one of our favorite lesbian porn studios, and this scene from Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 35 is a great example of why. Featured in this scene are sexy mature lesbian goddess Inari Vachs and hot new starlet Bibi Jones. Inari plays it very cool with Bibi at first, sensing her shyness towards immediate advances. She softly strokes her arm and moves the hair from her face until Bibi sheds some of her natural defenses. Then Inari moves in for a sweet, semi-innocent kiss, and clothes begin peeling away.

Bibi Jones has a flawless 20 year old body that any fan of women can highly appreciate, but Inari Vachs is the real surprise here. At 37, Inari does not look a day over 27. Her smooth skin covers a sultry fit physique that begs to be licked from head to toe. If the Older/Younger part of this lesbian porn series has kept you outside of it’s borders, this scene is far too hot to not have a change of heart. Look at Inari Vachs’ stomache!

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Free Porn Gallery – Her Freshman Year 2

At the offices of Team Skeet’s Her Freshman Year, many talented young women come in every day to interview for openings on our staff. More often than not, these girls have also never let their naked bodies see the lens of a video camera. So, how do you go about this pure amateur situation? There are so many different types of people, and there’s no way to tell if someone can be sexual on camera right away. Well, Her Freshman Year’s motto is, “When in doubt, make-out.” Open office sexuality is encouraged and preferred. As you can see, these pretty amateur sex kittens may come in meek…but never leave mild. After some questioning into their sexual pasts and preferences, we see just how far they can take their first times on camera.

Her Freshman Year 2 Her Freshman Year 2
Her Freshman Year 2 Her Freshman Year 2
Her Freshman Year 2 Her Freshman Year 2

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Porn Video Reviews – Cream Pies

Happy Monday porn fans! We received a brand new porn video for the cream pie addicts today. Cream Pies comes to us from Sex Line Cinema, and includes five hot girls who want nothing more than a warm cream filling. Gwen Diamond, Monica Breeze, Sasha Knox, Tyla Wynn and Brooke Banner all give their sweet pink pussies up for a well-deserved injection. There is a mix between one on one and threesome group sex in this porn video, and every guy gets to bust at least once. The thing we usually dislike about Cream Pie videos is when the dudes pull half-way out before nutting, and Cream Pies does a wonderful job of keeping the dick where it belongs. Every creampie is driven as deep as it would be naturally. If you’re a fan of watching a hot, horny woman swallow a creampie whole with her dripping wet cunt, Cream Pies would be a good choice for your Monday release.

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Free Sex Stories – Amy’s Next Erotic Night

Free Sex Stories - Wife SharingNine months ago, Amy and I had our first encounter with my fantasy of sharing my wife with another man. It had happened in a sort of whirlwind fashion. I had not expected the encounter to happen so quickly, nor did I expect my wife to be willing to fuck someone else so quickly. I found my feelings about the situation to be mixed during the first couple of weeks following our encounter with Greg. Greg was a high school friend that I had recently become reacquainted before our night of exciting passion.

My feelings ranged from being very excited to being worried that my wife would continue to see Greg behind my back. I would relive the night of watching Amy suck Greg’s cock and take his load deep inside her pussy, all the while shuddering as Greg took her to new heights of orgasm. After Amy and Greg had finished our passionate, sexual tryst that ended with me entering my wife’s pussy completely filled by my friend’s joyful juice, Amy and I had retreated to our own bedroom, while Greg had went immediately to sleep in our guest room.

Amy immediately came into my arms and had urged our slow passionate love making. I could feel the mixture of Greg’s cum with my own and a feeling of remorse came over me. I loved my wife deeply, and although I wanted her to feel sexual excitement, I also wanted our marriage to continue to be blissfully happy.

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