My favorite adult dating site

Hot BrunetteKylieRox
I haven’t written about in quite awhile. But don’t let the lapse persuade you into thinking that the site isn’t worth your time. If anything, I’d rather you check out this site than most of the other ones I review.

The reason being, is that unlike the other sites, you actually have a chance to get some real puss. Adult dating sites have really gone through a lot of awesome changes in the past couple of years; offering users great new features that allow you to connect to other users in awesome ways.

My latest connection in the adult dating world was with KylieRox. She’s a pretty hot brunette that’s new to the online dating world. Because of that, she won’t just immediately make plans to meet and fuck. We’ve been emailing and talking for a few weeks now, and she’s ready to meet. Unfortunatly, we don’t live anywhere near each other. But maybe she lives near you?? Check her out…

Free Virtual Sex?

I like this idea. I don’t know if it’s gotten to the point of mass consumption, but seems to be moving forward.

You have an avatar that represents you, but instead of a normal flat image, you have a 3D person that you can customize to look like you, or better than you. This 3D version of you can wonder around the virtual world, make friends, and of course, have virtual sex.

The graphics are still a little lacking and some of the site could be better. but it’s getting there.

You can set up a profile and do some stuff for free. the rest requires cash. (some real cash or fake cash)