420 Porn Star – Scarlett Pain

It’s 420 2011 ladies and gentlemen. The day of days for marijuana smoking stoners across the globe. If you haven’t already assumed, a lot of porn stars love to take a hit on their respective bongs, bowls, blunts, joints and vaporizers. One in particular, Scarlett Pain, has done so many times on camera. She has a message for you in this video clip from Smoking Bad Girls Vol. 2.

Scarlett is our personal favorite pole polishing, cock abusing, fiery red pot head. Between her adorable complexion, and bad ass attitude, there is something every man can enjoy about her. She will smoke you up, suck you off, beat your ass and skip out of the room smiling with no problem what-so-ever. What more could you ask for? Happy baking friends!

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Capri Anderson is back for another round with your cock and she is even naughtier than before. Her sexy body is wrapped in a tight matching bra and panty set with sexy white lace top stockings. She wants you to keep that big dick nice and hard for her while she teases you for a while. She makes direct eye contact with you as she talks about your juicy hot cum and strips away her bra. She acknowledges your pulsating dick and tells you to imagine it between her breasts. Next she pulls her panties to the side and you lose it all over her tight warm pussy. But its okay, she’s got a lot more in store for you. She slides her panties off and in only her stockings she lies back on the couch with her legs open and imitates you jerking off to her. She tells you how bad she wishes you could be inside her tight pussy and then she moves to the floor and backs that nice round ass right up to your waiting face. She spreads her pussy lips wide open teasing you with her little pink piece of heaven before breaking out her glass dildo. She drives you all the way inside her juicy honey pot and thrusts you deep inside harder and faster until you both blow your load all over the place.

Capri is lying on her bed in her sexy school girl attire and she knows just what it takes to gain full control of your throbbing hard cock. She hikes up her skirt and pulls so tight on her white cotton panties that that it outlines the shape of her beefy pussy. She pulls it to the side for an even better look and tells you to pull out your big cock for her. She asks you if she’s giving you immoral thoughts as she slides her panties to the ground. She gets on all fours, pulls her skirt up over her ass doggie style and tells you to whack it off for her. She tells you to cum for her tight little pussy and shows you where to land your big load. The words out of her mouth get even dirtier as she slowly strip away her blouse and squeezes on her perfect perky breasts telling you exactly what you want with her. She slides off the skirt and stands over you as she gyrates over the top of your face. With her knee high socks still on she lies back on the bed and allows you to view her beefy pussy from every angel before sliding her fingers in her tight wet hole. She rolls her clit around a little bit and then goes back to finger fucking herself into a sexy orgasm while calling out for you.

You are Capri’s swim coach and she is sure to convince you that she is suitable for the team this year. In her tight black swim suit she sits before you on chair in the kitchen and offers to help you with your “issues”. She notices the hard on in your pants and offers to get you off if it will better her chances of making the team. She tells you to go ahead and take it out and offers to show you her titties. She slides the suit down just enough to tease you with the rest of what’s under her suit. You bust all over her breasts and she asks if that’s enough to make the team. You tell her no, and she slides the suit all the way off while giggling at how tough you are. She moves back to the chair and opens up wide promising after school sessions with you if she makes your team. How lucky could one coach be? She even promises not to tell anyone about your little arrangement as she gives you everything and more. She breaks out her big red fuck stick and tells you to imagine that it’s your cock in her hand as she jerks you off. Now it’s time to get down to business as she moves you down south into her tight wet pussy and begins to promise it all to you. She fucks you faster and harder and then pauses for a second telling you to wait. She returns to drilling her pussy with your cock while standing up and again tells you not to cum just yet and then moves to the ground for a little doggies style fucking fun before she rolls onto her ass and polishes you both off. Now coach what do you think? Does she make the team?

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The HotMovies.com team sent off a free T-Shirt to Burning Angel porn star Jessie Lee in exchange for a short sexy photo shoot. If we knew it was this easy to get hot pics of porn stars wearing your logos, we would have started printing panties a lonnnngggggg time ago. None the less, good job HotMovies.com!

Jessie Lee is a porn star bombshell with femme fatale attitude and bitchin’ tattoos. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Jessie now makes Hollywood, California her personal stomping ground.

This Virgo vixen describes herself as a simple gal of sorts, noting her favorite hangouts as “bars” and “tour buses”. You’ll never find this girl stuck in front of a “Jersey Shore” episode, because she lacks ownership of a TV. You will however strike a chord in Jessie’s heart when you fire up a rousing game of “Rock Band”.

Jessie Lee loves to strut her fine ass around the stripper pole for her faithful fans, and openly admits true loves for fucking on film and being nude in public. All of these things may seem slightly standard for a hot Burning Angel temptress, but Jessie’s loyalty lies in something much deeper than just her BA stamp of approval. She has a major girl crush on Joanna Angel herself. Jessie’s bio at BurningAngel.com states, “I Have a Crush on: Joanna of course!” and “Perfect Match: Jessie + Joanna = True Love”.

When it comes to Jessie’s bedroom philosophy, we think her reasoning for what makes her a Burning Angel star says it all. “Because I like to fuck and I don’t give a fuck. :)”, says Jessie Lee. Her favorite sexual position is doggy style, but she absolutely HATES anal. Jessie has done double penetration scenes, but there’s no “What What In the Butt” to be found (wink). She does however love to be tied up and tortured, fuck other girls with strap-on dildos, and get into “Animal Mode” with her boy toys.

We sent Jessie Lee a HotMovies.com T-shirt in exchange for some sexy photos, and these priceless boner builders are what came back. Upon opening these hot photos, an instant discussion erupted within the HotMovies marketing office on whether we liked Jessie Lee more with red hair or blonde hair. Then her 34C gorgeous breasts popped out during the example videos, and “both” was unanimously chosen.

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