A King Solomon Christmas with Kali Kenzington

Solomon's 7th Heaven Kali Kenzington DVDDavid Solomon returns with his ever so divine touch to bring us his own personal Season’s Greetings. What better way to say Merry Christmas than with a brand new ginger wife? The King introduces us to his newest addition, 21 year old Kali Kenzington.

Kali stands at 5’7″ next to Solomon’s beautiful Christmas Tree in nothing but black hi-heels, red bra, red panties and a festive Santa hat for her interview. Once the pleasantries are taken care of, she moves on to wash up in the King’s full glass shower. Kali’s showering becomes too hard for Solomon to watch, as she glides her hands over her tight, milky skin. So, he gets in with her for more fun once she shuts the water off.

Solomon begins by rubbing Kali while his cock grows brushing against her beautiful ass. Once he has had enough of controlling her clit manually, he positions her against the shower wall to bend down and taste her clean, wet pussy. Kali responds by sucking his hard cock, and the two continue their private sex romp with more debauchery in the bathroom. Solomon’s 7th Heaven is shot in pure amateur format. Minimal camera movement allows for a much more natural view of the sex taking place. For those who have grown tired of the standard angle changes in Adult cinematography, this series may offer what you have been lacking in your porn watching experience. Not to mention, Kali Kenzington is a super hot redhead!

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Free Porn Gallery – Her Freshman Year 2

At the offices of Team Skeet’s Her Freshman Year, many talented young women come in every day to interview for openings on our staff. More often than not, these girls have also never let their naked bodies see the lens of a video camera. So, how do you go about this pure amateur situation? There are so many different types of people, and there’s no way to tell if someone can be sexual on camera right away. Well, Her Freshman Year’s motto is, “When in doubt, make-out.” Open office sexuality is encouraged and preferred. As you can see, these pretty amateur sex kittens may come in meek…but never leave mild. After some questioning into their sexual pasts and preferences, we see just how far they can take their first times on camera.

Her Freshman Year 2 Her Freshman Year 2
Her Freshman Year 2 Her Freshman Year 2
Her Freshman Year 2 Her Freshman Year 2

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