Inglorious Bitches

Marc Dorcel brings you our porn parody of the week, and he has chosen a magnificent subject to sexify. Any and all World War II buffs have seen the 2009 blockbuster movie, Inglorious Basterds, starring Brad Pitt. Within the film, a group of Jewish-American soldiers are sent to wreak havoc behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany. Inglorious Bitches takes a slightly different angle, but does so in a way that creates it’s own unique World War II resistance story.

This war porn parody spared no expense in producing a film worthy of adult industry praise. Inglorious Bitches utilizes it’s $250,000 full adult feature budget to bring you a sparkling cast, tanks, and high-priced explosions. Tarra White, Aleska Diamond, Anna Polina, Suzy Carina, Cindy Dollar and more make up a female force hell bent on using sex to fight Nazi Germany. Award winning director Max Candy takes us on a beautifully shot journey through the lives of these freedom fighting sex-workers.

Anna Polina and Tarra White are two young women who have been forced to witness their loves erased by the horrors of World War II. With their focus set on taking back as many Nazi lives as possible in return, they recruit former prostitutes to train as experts in deadly sexual arts. The group of highly qualified women takes advantage of running a brothel where non-commissioned enemy officers normally patronize. Amongst lavish orgies, fetishes, uniforms and hot lesbians, the erotic resistance manages to extract vital information for their secret operation. One that could change the course of the entire war.

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Inglorious Bitches Female Barracks Inglorious Bitches Training
Inglorious Bitches Porn Parody Inglorious Bitches Threesome Sex Scene
Inglorious Bitches Threesome Inglorious Bitches Orgy Scene

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I Love Lupe 6

Our favorite Interpol wanted list porn star from Columbia, Lupe Fuentes, gets together with 19 year old teen sex pot Jessi Palmer in I Love Lupe 6. When a young, caramel skinned latina fox starts rubbing against a pretty porcelain teen redhead, your pants are bound to get tight.

Lupe begins this porn video by interviewing the young Jessi Palmer with what looks like a standard microphone. Jessi answers questions while turning her mouth bright blue, licking a blue-rasberry ring pop like it was a readily available hard cock. Once the pleasantries are out of the way, Lupe Fuentes then reveals the true nature of her so-called mic. She flicks the switch and presses it against Palmer’s clit over her cute undies, where the vibration causes Jessi’s eyes to roll back in ecstasy.

As you can see in the free porn gallery below from I Love Lupe 6, these hot teen nymphs spend a long time playing with each other. Almost three quarters of the movie to be exact. Of course, we know both Jessi Palmer and Lupe Fuentes love to play with dick. The rest of the film features them both being fucked deep by a nice fat cock. A well-played ending to the mass of hot lesbian play which preceded it’s entrance.

I Love Lupe 6 - Lupe Fuentes and Jessie Palmer I Love Lupe 6 - Lupe Fuentes and Jessi Palmer
I Love Lupe 6 - Lupe Fuentes and Jessi Palmer I Love Lupe 6 - Lupe Fuentes and Jessie Palmer
I Love Lupe 6 - Lupe Fuentes and Jessi Palmer I Love Lupe 6 - Lupe Fuentes and Jessi Palmer lesbian sex

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Free Porn Gallery – Her Freshman Year 2

At the offices of Team Skeet’s Her Freshman Year, many talented young women come in every day to interview for openings on our staff. More often than not, these girls have also never let their naked bodies see the lens of a video camera. So, how do you go about this pure amateur situation? There are so many different types of people, and there’s no way to tell if someone can be sexual on camera right away. Well, Her Freshman Year’s motto is, “When in doubt, make-out.” Open office sexuality is encouraged and preferred. As you can see, these pretty amateur sex kittens may come in meek…but never leave mild. After some questioning into their sexual pasts and preferences, we see just how far they can take their first times on camera.

Her Freshman Year 2 Her Freshman Year 2
Her Freshman Year 2 Her Freshman Year 2
Her Freshman Year 2 Her Freshman Year 2

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Porn Video Reviews – Cream Pies

Happy Monday porn fans! We received a brand new porn video for the cream pie addicts today. Cream Pies comes to us from Sex Line Cinema, and includes five hot girls who want nothing more than a warm cream filling. Gwen Diamond, Monica Breeze, Sasha Knox, Tyla Wynn and Brooke Banner all give their sweet pink pussies up for a well-deserved injection. There is a mix between one on one and threesome group sex in this porn video, and every guy gets to bust at least once. The thing we usually dislike about Cream Pie videos is when the dudes pull half-way out before nutting, and Cream Pies does a wonderful job of keeping the dick where it belongs. Every creampie is driven as deep as it would be naturally. If you’re a fan of watching a hot, horny woman swallow a creampie whole with her dripping wet cunt, Cream Pies would be a good choice for your Monday release.

Free Porn Pics - Cream Pies 1 Free Porn Pics - Cream Pies 2
Free Porn Pics - Cream Pies 3 Free Porn Pics - Cream Pies 4
Free Porn Pics - Cream Pies 5 Free Porn Pics - Cream Pies 6

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Porn Videos – Hollywood Whore Kacey Jordan

Porn Videos - Hollywood Whore Kacey JordanKacey Jordan, porn star best known for receiving $30,000 to attend a 36 hour party with Charlie Sheen, plays on her new found adult industry fame by starring in every scene this porn video has to offer. Over an hour and a half of this sweet looking blonde await you in Hollywood Whore Kacey Jordan. Not only does Kacey take four different hard cocks in this porn video, but she also throws in a hot lesbian scene for good measure. When this slippery sex kitten starts cumming, she just doesn’t ever want to stop!

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