Janine Lindemulder – Janine’s Got Male

Porn Videos - Janine Lindemulder - Janines Got MaleJanine Lindemulder is what we like to call a “Porn Staple”. Not only was she a major contract porn star for Vivid Entertainment in her adult industry hay day, but her splashes across mainstream media made her a legend in her own rite. Janine Lindemulder has graced the cover of a Blink 182 album, and is mother to West Coast Choppers owner, Jesse James’ daughter Sunny. Recently, Janine Lindemulder has been taken to jail for harassing Jesse James via aggravated phone calls after losing custody of Sunny to Jesse in court. Once again having her name smeared across TV, radio, and the internet.

In Janine’s Got Male, Janine Lindemulder gets her very first taste of an FMM threesome. During the beginning of this porn video, Janine has a nice ice breaker conversation with her two lucky males, porn stars Evan Stone and Dale DaBone. It’s very refreshing to see such a gorgeous woman turn completely childish and nervous over a sexual situation. Of course, Lindemulder’s nervousness melts away once Evan starts licking her impeccable pierced pussy. Click the link below to watch Janine Lindemulder orgasm repeatedly on two of the biggest cocks in porn in her very first sexual experience with two men.

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Porn Videos - Janine Lindemulder - Janines Got Male Porn Videos - Janine Lindemulder - Janines Got Male
Porn Videos - Janine Lindemulder - Janines Got Male Porn Videos - Janine Lindemulder - Janines Got Male
Porn Videos - Janine Lindemulder - Janines Got Male Porn Videos - Janine Lindemulder - Janines Got Male

Porn Videos – Teen Rebel

Porn Videos - Teen RebelNew porn video release from Harmony, Teen Rebel, has climbed to the highest rated new release for today.

Sexy teen students, Little Caprice and Nataly Von, have arrived in Prague to begin their studies at university. Of course, any hot girl wants to go out on the town before jumping into their workload. So, the two nubile foxes meet up with some friends for fun. The group’s new found freedom leads to a conversation on how to become a real “Teen Rebel”, and the adorable Nataly Von is posed with a tempting decision. Will she stay to the straight and narrow, or stray like a true Teen Rebel should.

In the first scene, blonde bombshell Ivana enjoys a couple cocktails at the bar with three good looking men. After surveying their handsome looks, she invites them back to her apartment for some more intimate persuasions. Lucky for these guys, Ivana loves to be filled up with throbbing cock.

Next, hot lesbians Carmen Croft, Leony April and Little Caprice enjoying some hot girl on girl action. These dirty lady lickers know a good many things about making a woman hot and wet! The biggest key being the use of their friendly double-sided dildo.

Danny D finds himself pitching a pants tent while watching Ferrara Gomez shaving her pussy clean in the bathroom. Seeing her fresh bald no-no place soon becomes too much for him to control, and he sinks his cock deep inside both of her welcoming holes.

Sexton is loving her money man; she sits back and greatly appreciates his lavish treatment. Before even entering his beautiful mansion, Syren leans against a tree outside and takes his thick dick doggystyle. When they finally make it inside, she makes sure to show him a trophy ride right on the steps.

Last, but not least, super cute Nataly Von surrenders her purity by letting two horny studs complete her first ever double penetration scene. Watch as this innocent young teen turns into a total Teen Rebel.

Porn Videos – The Official Howard Stern Show Porn Parody

Porn Videos - Official Howard Stern Show Porn ParodyNo matter how ridiculous the antics become on The Howard Stern Show, it always seems as if something is missing. There are always hot porn stars with big tits sitting on that iconic red couch, but we never ever get to see them fuck in the studio with Howard and Robin there to witness! Your favorite shock jock gets your jock shocked by top of the line porn stars after he interviews them in classic Howard Stern fashion. Every sexy guest plays out the fantasy you wish would happen after every studio session.

What makes this Howard Stern porn parody a real fan favorite, is the surprise that lies at the end. Have you ever wondered just how far the sexual tension between Howard and Robin goes off camera? So do their porn parody personalities in this porn video. Watch as Howard Stern and Robin fuck out their years of sexual tension right before your eyes!

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Free Porn Pics – Anal Encounters Of The Best Kind Part One

Free porn pics from the Platinum Media amateur anal sex video, Anal Encounters of The Best Kind. Amateur sex always comes with a certain allure for being more raw than your every day, mechanical porn star sex session, but this anal sex porn video takes it one step further. These three amateur couples all have one thing in common, none of them have ever had anal sex before. The raw uncomfortable pleasure across a woman’s face during her first anal sex experience can never be recreated again, and Anal Encounters of The Best Kind gives you an hour and a half of it.

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Porn Videos – Cream Pie Squad 19

Sticky Studios makes it’s 19th new release into the Cream Pi Squad series. Rachel O, Kaylee Hilton, Natasha Vega, and Trinity St. Clair all tag in for their fill of hot internal cum shots. This creampie video has hit the ground running with great ratings across the board. The selection of this cast was very intelligent, including a blonde, a brunette, cute black hair, and a redhead in the mix. But who cares about aesthetics right? What you want to know is how these girls put it down to get it out. In that area of every creampie lover’s mind, we are in complete agreement. With that being said, these models known how to drop some booty. Their performances are sure to make your pants twitch.

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