3 Best New Years XXX Porn Movies to Bring in 2013

Happy New Years Porns

With the cyber-world exploding with year-end top lists, we figured it only appropriate to break off our faithful readers with 3 of the Best New Year’s XXX Movies To Bring in The New Year.

3. Drunk Sex Orgy – New Year’s Sex Ball – Here are two universal staples of New Year’s featured in detail in this tantalizing gonzo-styled XXX classic: Fucking and Booze. It’s New Years Eve in Prague and goddamn do they get wild in the Czech Republic. This is the quintessential party every horny man wants to come to. Unscripted, no plans, just one big hot fucking orgy with a lil’ something for everyone like copious amounts of blowjobs, tit fucking, interracial sex, gangbangs.. you name it, this XXX classic has it. Enjoy 20 Free Minutes to Check Out this Movie or 170,000 other titles from our friends at HotMovies.com.

2. Foxtrot – Let’s not forget, one of the mopst legendary porn movies of all time, Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot, was based on New Year’s! Released in 1982 (prior to AVN awards) Foxtrot cleaned up with 13 AFAA awards taking Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Music and Editing. Gerard Damiano (of Deep Throat) said it was “far and away, the best film of the year”With an intelligent script by Ann Randall and superb camera work from Felix Daniel, Cecil Howard coaxes genuine, realistic performances and arousing sexuality from an all-star cast.

Jack Teague plays the perverted millionaire who will have sex with anyone… but his wife. R. Bolla is the conservative but curious neighbor to Marlene Willoughby’s Zelda, an erotic writer. Sandra Hillman plays the baby-sitter who decides that New Year’s Eve is the time to lose her virginity and Ron Jeremy plays the sailor who discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him… with another woman! Vanessa Del Rio and Tiffany Clark are both objects of desire for the aforementioned Teague. Linda Vale plays the mother to Marilyn Gee’s Alice, a young but notorious starlet who is willing to do anything to get a starring role. Samantha Fox and Veronica Hart round out this all star cast of characters who each in their own way have have pitted themselves in a race against time.

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3. Performers Of The Year 2012 – Top XXX Studio- Elegant Angel, showcases their yearly talent with its annual series, “Performers Of The Year.” 2012 features incredibly hot scenes and new interviews with Kristina Rose, Lexi Belle, Asa Akira, Kagney Linn Karter, Gracie Glam, Jayden Jaymes, and Bobbi Starr. For those looking for a one-stop XXX movie that has it all..look no further. And once again our pals at HotMovies are offering 20 Free Video On Deamnd Minutes good for this flic and 170,000 others.

When Massages Go Right II! The Masseuse with Asa Akira

Asa Akira - Massage

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again- Massages are the shit! And now back by popular demand, When Messages Go Right II; The XXX Massage Review.

This edition, we’re taking at look at Sweet Sinner‘s The Masseuse, starring Asa Akira. In our first, When Messages Go Right column, we took a look a scene from Malibu Message Parlor II, where a eager young male masseuse does his damnedest to make it to the promised land by the end of the sexy message with a fresh hot body. With today’s edition we flip the game, here we have a hot young female masseuse looking for some extra-curricular activities with her hunk of a client.

Asa Akira is a sexy Japanese masseuse eager to please her clientele. Although warned not to, she never strays away from the “Happy Ending” and encourages her team of sexy massage vixens to give the client “Whatever They Want!”

Let’s see what happens as Asa gets her first client! Looks like she’s being very naughty, watching her client undress as he prepares for his massage. Lets see how this develops..

Asa Akira begins testing the boundaries as she reaches under the towel. How will her client react? Will he let Asa Akira have her way with his man meat? Read the rest of this entry »

Fantasy Role Play Day – Bound Gangbangs!

New Bound Gang Bangs for you! BUSTED! Eva Angelina Plays a Hooker Gangbanged by Crooked Cops!

Fantasy Role Play at it’s finest. If you enjoy woman exploring their darkest gangbang fantasies, we’ve got a special one for you from the fetish masterminds at Kink.com. Eva Angelina is a prostitute that gets picked up by an undercover cop. Once money is exchanged, he pulls out his cuffs and calls in for back-up. The officer and his friends brutally gangbang Eva Angelina with the promise of not taking her to jail if she cooperates. After fucking every hole she has and stuffing two dicks in her mouth pussy, and ass, they cum all over her face, and haul her into the station anyway. Hardcore gangbang! Double vaginal penetration, double anal penetration, DP, rough sex, handcuffs, and more!!! GET ACCESS NOW to see Eva Angelina on the Internet’s best fantasy gangbang website!!

Eva Angelina Bound Gangbang

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Presidential Campaigns Make Me Horny

Sarah Palin Fucks Obama!I don’t know about you, but Presidential Campaigns make me fucking horny.

All that pent up aggression of the campaign ads and debates! Time to let go of all that stress with some congressional fucking videos!

We hereby set forth a resolution for hot sex videos to commence immediately!

Paul Ryan has some spunk, but nothing like his Vice Presidential prospective predecessor Sarah Palin!

Maybe that’s why President Obama decided to fuck her presidential style during the 2008 election!

We have the exclusive footage here at Pink4Free!

Obama stuffs Palin with some Presidential Black Cock. We all knew Palin was a dirty MILF!

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When Massages Go Right!

Message turns into sex movieMassages are the shit! I mean really- Who doesn’t like a good massage? Break out the herbal oils and lets squeeze some ass cheeks like Playdoe.

You know what’s even better than a good message? Those special messages where you end up with your clit or prick tickled at the end. Now we’re talking business.

There are many different types of messages and techniques one can employ when hoping for the “Happy Ending”. Let’s examine.

Malibu seems like a good place to get a massage hence the name of the following film- Malibu Massage Parlor #2.

Let’s start with The Greeting. This seems to be an important one. Note the form of young entrepreneur. Nice black collar shirt- but no shoes? We’ll have to see how this plays out. Hopefully she’s a foot woman.

Note the courteous towel pickup on his way to the bench. Seems like our perky masseuse is in the running to get his penis involved in today’s action. Note the form of the oil rub, he quickly rubs his hands together before oiling up the babe on the table. Good call, you don’t want to cause a chill to run down that ass! Let’s have a look…

So far, so good for this young go-getter. His body oils seem to be a hit. Let’s see how this Read the rest of this entry »