Porn Videos – Hollywood Whore Kacey Jordan

Porn Videos - Hollywood Whore Kacey JordanKacey Jordan, porn star best known for receiving $30,000 to attend a 36 hour party with Charlie Sheen, plays on her new found adult industry fame by starring in every scene this porn video has to offer. Over an hour and a half of this sweet looking blonde await you in Hollywood Whore Kacey Jordan. Not only does Kacey take four different hard cocks in this porn video, but she also throws in a hot lesbian scene for good measure. When this slippery sex kitten starts cumming, she just doesn’t ever want to stop!

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Nerd Porn – High Heels And Glasses 2

Porn Videos - High Heels And Glasses 2We might be presumptuous making this statement, but we’re fairly sure every girl loving guy on this site has had the “naughty librarian” fantasy. What is it about a pair of black, thick framed glasses that drives us crazy with curiosity? It’s as if the most normal prescribed eye wear can automatically turn a mildly interesting 6 into a full blown 8 in a matter of seconds!

Well, take those glasses and slap them on a 10 my friends. Then, add some hot lingerie and sultry high heels. Now you’re looking at something so hot, it doesn’t even fit on the scale. High Heels And Glasses 2 not only provides everything we just spoke about, but this porn video does it for almost 2 and a half hours! Porn stars Alexis, Cindy Dollar, Cindy Hope, Cathy Heaven, Stacy Silver and Stracy Stone all don their hot nerd porn apparel in foursome, threesome, and good old fashioned one on one hardcore sex. Enjoy the free porn pics and make sure you add this one to your favorites list.

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Scooby Doo – A XXX Parody

Porn Videos - Scooby Doo A XXX ParodyAfter another long night of partying, Shaggy wakes to find that he is all alone? Where’s Scooby? The gang gets all riled up when they discover that their favorite canine detective has gone missing. Well, there is no mystery that this group can’t solve, but can they do it without their lovable cohort? One mystery uncovers another as they find themselves locked in a game of cat and mouse with a fiendish ghoul. Things get even more complicated now that Daphne and Fred are a couple, and Velma suddenly decides to release her inhibitions. Get ready for sex, mystery, sex, hilarity, sex, and more sex! Oh, and by the way… Scooby Doo, where are you?

Living up to its reputation for creating authentic, high quality parodies, New Sensations went all out to transform the popular cartoon and movie into an adult production. In addition to rigorous casting and identical wardrobe, the colorful Mystery Machine van was fully recreated. Utilizing a mansion built over 130 years ago, SCOOBY DOO: A XXX PARODY captures the creepy ambiance the show was noted for. It’s in this old mansion the Gang searches for the missing Scooby-Doo. Was Scooby abducted by ghosts or the crotchety grounds keeper?

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The Flying Pink Pig Now Live at

The Flying Pink Pig - XXX LA Food Truck ParodyDespite the controversy and legal wranglings surrounding the film, Cal Vista and Cheeky Monkey proudly present the latest release from award-winning director Erica Mclean. The Flying Pink Pig revolves around a high end, gourmet food truck business run by Sunny Lane. Sunny uses a special aphrodisiac and hot delivery girls in uniform to keep her high-end customers coming back for more. Ron Jeremy wants a piece of the action, so he sends Nicki Hunter in to infiltrate the business.

The film utilized an actual food truck from the Los Angeles area called The Flying Pig. The owner of The Flying Pig claimed he didn’t know his truck was going to be used in an adult film and sued the director to stop the release of the film. Obviously, it didn’t work. So, sit back and enjoy the taste of The Flying Pink Pig where the refills are free and the sloppy seconds are always on the house(or in the truck).

Liner Notes:
It’s what’s NOT on the menu that makes the Flying Pink Pig the tastiest ‘meals on wheels’ in town. Sunny Lane and her girls are serving it up hot and juicy with a smile, while the villainous Ron Jeremy and his cohort, Nicki Hunter, stop at nothing to get a piece of the action!

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