Free Sex Stories – The Beach Side

Free Sex Stories - The Beach SideWe sit anxiously on the plane, awaiting our landing. It seems like it has taken an eternity to get to this paradise away from the smog and crowdedness of the city. We peer out the window, the most beautiful blue water below us, encircling small coral reefs and sharks swimming frantically for a meal. We brace for touchdown, your hand gripping my thigh tightly. I do the same, except under your skirt, I smirk at the gesture. You let out a giggle as we are finally on the ground. As we get off the plane the tropical sun at dusk hits us, warm, almost sensual in touch. We grab our things and hail a cab for the twenty-minute ride to the beachfront villa we have for the next few days.

We get into the cab and wind down the palm-lined road. Your hand reaching for my crotch, you squeeze and rub hard and slow, just the way I like it. My eyes watching the driver, I lean to kiss your neck and my hand darting for your pussy under your skirt. Hand slowly sliding up your thigh, pinching your pussy and rubbing your clit through your already soaked panties. You let out a soft moan and the driver looks, whatever dude. We both laugh as we continue to the hotel.

We check in, and walk down to the beautiful villa. We enter, drop our bags and grab some drinks from the top shelf stocked bar we have in the room. Our villa secluded from the others, I make us celebratory Mojitos. We walk out to the deck, sit, smoke, drink, making out.

As we finish our delicious refreshing beverages you whisper, “Porn?” I respond in typical fashion, smirking.

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Free Amateur Sex Videos – Adventures with Amateurs

Dun At Home Media is a relatively new amateur porn studio, but it brings a fine quality to real amateur sex. These amateurs have all shot their own sex individually, and sent their porn videos into Dun At Home Media hoping they would be produced. Out of 1000’s of real amateur sex tapes, Adventures With Amateurs is a compilation of what the studio chose as the best amateur sex clips.

In the free amateur sex movie below, this horny couple has just spent some time sunning next to a local river. After some heavy petting, they decide a private spot is necessary to continue sexing each other. Close by, there is a secluded picnic table amongst a small patch of woods. The couple makes their way there and checks out an adult magazine together while completely naked. One thing leads to another, and soon this lucky guy is rubbing his cock inside of her ass. Pay close attention to how he becomes paranoid of getting caught, and looks around while fucking her. You can only catch little things like that in real amateur sex videos.

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Free Porn Videos - Adventures with Amateurs

Free Porn Pics – Anal Encounters Of The Best Kind Part One

Free porn pics from the Platinum Media amateur anal sex video, Anal Encounters of The Best Kind. Amateur sex always comes with a certain allure for being more raw than your every day, mechanical porn star sex session, but this anal sex porn video takes it one step further. These three amateur couples all have one thing in common, none of them have ever had anal sex before. The raw uncomfortable pleasure across a woman’s face during her first anal sex experience can never be recreated again, and Anal Encounters of The Best Kind gives you an hour and a half of it.

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Spanking Videos – Rocco: Puppet Master 10

Director, Rocco Siffredi, has added yet another chapter to his anally corrosive “Puppet Master” series. Rocco takes his time switching back an forth between pounding these horny o-rings himself, and resting to use his special enormous butt plug. Of course, eight ultra-hot butt fucking women is a test for any cock to handle. So, Rocco pulled in some “pitch hitter” help this time around.

“Rocco’s club-cocked countryman, Omar Galanti, does the dirty honors with hot, new vixens Rihanna Samuel and Kristine Crystalis. Rocco reports that despite this being Kristine’s very first XXX scene, the uninhibited minx truly unleashed the animal in Omar. (And a ferocious beast it is!” –

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Real Fuckin’ Tits

Hey guys, get a look at these. Real fuckin’ tits! This movie has four hours and 14 scenes worth big honkin’ hooters and the big dicks that fuck them. Featuring Dames like Amy Reid, Vanilla Skye, Jayden James, Nikki Nite, Carmen McCarthy, and so much more. They aren’t shy either! They’ll take two guys on without a moment’s hesitation. They’ll take two simultaneously, and even moan when a guy cums inside of them! Now that’s Diabolic!

Big all natural tits are something that every man can appreciate. Something about having an all original girl getting off on-top of you is sometimes a lot more sexy than having silicone bounce like rubber in your face. This free porn video from Real Fuckin’ Tits features Katin loving the thick cock that she is working in her ass. The way her full natural tits spread across her chest when she leans back to get more leverage is absolutely hotter than hell.

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