When Massages Go Right II! The Masseuse with Asa Akira

Asa Akira - Massage

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again- Massages are the shit! And now back by popular demand, When Messages Go Right II; The XXX Massage Review.

This edition, we’re taking at look at Sweet Sinner‘s The Masseuse, starring Asa Akira. In our first, When Messages Go Right column, we took a look a scene from Malibu Message Parlor II, where a eager young male masseuse does his damnedest to make it to the promised land by the end of the sexy message with a fresh hot body. With today’s edition we flip the game, here we have a hot young female masseuse looking for some extra-curricular activities with her hunk of a client.

Asa Akira is a sexy Japanese masseuse eager to please her clientele. Although warned not to, she never strays away from the “Happy Ending” and encourages her team of sexy massage vixens to give the client “Whatever They Want!”

Let’s see what happens as Asa gets her first client! Looks like she’s being very naughty, watching her client undress as he prepares for his massage. Lets see how this develops..

Asa Akira begins testing the boundaries as she reaches under the towel. How will her client react? Will he let Asa Akira have her way with his man meat? Read the rest of this entry »

Rebeca Linares’ breasts- triumph, or tragedy?

For those of you who don’t know about the lovely, raven haired Spanish vixen Rebeca Linares, I’m sorry. Rebeca has beautiful long black hair which contrasts strikingly with her porcelain complexion. She is petite yet sexy: passionate, and talented. A few months ago, however, Rebeca made the decision to go ahead with some breast implants. This transformed her naturally pretty B cups into pornstar class DD orbs.

Rebeca purportedly wanted the implants so that her top half would ‘match’ her curvy bottom half. Her operation involved inserting the implants right at the border of the aureola, to avoid the crescent scars under the boobs that usually accompany breast augmentation surgery. According to her doctor, Rebeca was “very happy” with the results of the procedure. Well, good for her. I am not.

Here are some juxtaposed images, before and after and such. Make up your own minds.

Rebeca Linares before and after

Rebeca Linares' boob job

I also have a few videos here. Check out Rebeca’s performances before and after. In both clips she’s athletic, sexy, and really into it. The first one, however, shows her before the surgery giving a fine tit job to a big cock, complete with head-sucking on the upthrust. Her breasts aren’t huge, but they’re shapely, pretty, and natural. In the next video we see her riding off a cock and squeezing those big, fake tits together. They don’t even look good compared to other implants if you ask me.

Small, pretty titties, capable of a solid tit fucking.

Spherical globes that would look out of place on a woman 100 pounds larger.

Look, I’m not against implants across the board. Some implants look great. Look at Aletta Ocean or Asa Akira. Those are two ladies with the whole package. I don’t really have too much in the way of ‘before’ photos for those girls, but nevertheless, they hover around the top of my list, Darth Vader-like boobs and all.

I just think Rebeca Linares kind of ruined hers. Bigger isn’t necessarily better IMHO, and Rebeca’s were great the way they were. The job she had done wasn’t even very good. The night I saw the new pictures I drank a pint of whiskey and cried myself to sleep. Now you’ve heard my campaigning. How do you feel about it?

AVN Award Winners on HotMovies.com

Asa Akira is Insatiable

Asa Akira is Insatiable 2 cleans up at the 2011 AVN awards.

AVN announced 2011’s award winners over the weekend. Here are just a few of the winners. Check them out on HotMovies.com!

Lisa Ann in Gangbanged Portrait of a Call Girl is pretty fucking hot Young Harlots Foreign Exchange

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Real Porn Star Orgasms – Asa Akira

Like many of our articles here on the best free porn site ever created, “Real Porn Star Orgasms” is an idea hatched while watching new porn video releases at the office. As working professionals within the adult industry, we all believe, male and female, we can point out real and fake orgasms at will. Luckily, a series exists within our monstrous database of porn which only shows porn stars having their real orgasms on film.

The free porn video below is from the Elegant Angel compilation series, Real Female Orgasms. A series of porn videos dedicated to the hottest porn stars in the adult industry showing their true moments of sheer sexual bliss. Our first lovely Oh Face belongs to non other than Asa Akira. This well-endowed gentleman must have really gotten Asa hot and bothered, because she begins begging for him to fuck her as if the world was about to end. Once Asa Akira begins to approach her orgasm, she seems to be almost overwhelmed by the event. She grits her teeth and pushes it off, but then returns to breathing and subsequently letting it occur. Her partner feels her once tightening wet pussy suddenly release, and drives deep into her while wrapping his arm around her neck for auto-erotic asphyxiation. Who knew Asa Akira was a fan of breath play?

Free Porn Videos – Party Girls

Free Porn Videos - Party Girls
Click the Image Above for Free Porn Video

Ever wanted to see Jenna Presley and Jayden Jaymes get drunk and cock hungry, then peel their shiny cocktail dresses off to fulfill their urges? Lucky you, so did award winning adult film director William H. Elegant Angel has brought us an all-star night out on the town in Party Girls. Jenna Presley, Asa Akira, Jayden Jaymes, Gracie Glam, Katie St. Ives and Jessie Andrews all put on their best slinky party clothes for two and a half hours of great after-party sex.

I have to say, this film did not peak my interest at first. We’ve all seen enough of the fake reality party porn style. Although, this cast effectively makes up for what the sub-genre lacks. With six of the top female porn stars, and male counterparts like the massively popular James Deen, the sheer sexual talent level made it a joy to watch. Party Girls gets two thumbs up from this camp.

Watch this Porn Video in Full HERE