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Free Porn Videos - Capri Anderson Jerk Off Enc Explicit Toy Masturbation
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Capri Anderson Video - Cable Guy Sex Volume 1Here are some free porn pics from another Capri Anderson video. In this scene from Silver Sinema’s Cable Guy Sex Volume 1, we get a good look at what it might have been like for Charlie Sheen to get seduced by this little sex kitten.

This everyday cable guy arrives at Capri‘s home in response to a call for maintenance. When he knocks at the door, no one answers…but it happens to be unlocked. Little does he know that Capri Anderson is actually upstairs having a lot of solo masturbation fun with her glass dildo. The cable man makes his way upstairs to find a contact at the residence, and Capri quickly throws her thong back on when she hears him lurking through the house. She must have just been way to turned on from using her sex toy to care about more clothing, because she seems more than fine greeting this tool belt toting stranger in her underwear. She even cat stretches across the bed to show him her beautiful ass while pointing out the cable issue.

Needless to say, the boy gets the hints Capri Anderson is throwing his way. He sits down on the bed and begins touching her ever so slightly without breaking conversation. Once her thighs crack open, all bets are off. This cable boy now has a face full of her smooth wet pussy, and as they say, “the rest is history.” Check out this Capri Anderson Video and many more HERE.

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