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Porn Stars From MarsWe admittedly judged this sci-fi sex romp to be a loser when first laying eyes on the DVD cover. What we found while watching the alien female fantasy was a breath of fresh air. Porn Stars From Mars is an entertaining comedic sex romp for any horny sci-fi fan. These big busted Martian girls are accustomed to only pleasing one another on their flying saucer. Until they lose control of their UFO and crash into the Hollywood sign in California. Now these green and purple bomb shells get to play with the variety of Earth’s men who come to investigate their crash site. Eventually, even Ron Jeremy gets paid a visit by some juicy Martian pussy.

Porn Stars From Mars is a mix between an original Star Trek episode and Kazoo from The Flintstones. Although the porn stars’ full-body green make-up tends to wear off from the friction of sex, the film’s zany humor makes any inconsistency “just a part of the gag.” Regardless, if any one of these green hotties showed up at your door demanding you fuck them…your cock would unzip your pants itself before giving you a chance to deliberate alien anatomy.

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Free Porn Video from Porn Stars From Mars

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