You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Been a Cuckold

For some men, it’s all about taking the wifey on a hot date to her favorite restaurant for some fine dining, a movie, and then a passionate evening of love making. And hey! There’s nothing wrong with some traditional chivalry, if that’s what gets your juices flowing. But for some men, the stereotypical evening of dinner, movie, and love-making just ain’t cutting it. And let’s face it, it’s not cutting it for a lot of married woman either.

Some guys and some woman want it a little kinkier. And there are few things kinkier than good ol’ fashioned cuckold! For the few brave enough to be proudly degraded whilst watching the wife take foreign cock from all directions, there is the wonderful world of cuckolding. For those just tuning in, a cuckold is man that is cheated on and humiliated by his wife or in some cases girlfriendlies. In many cases, it’s some puny white degenerate that can only shoot his goo whilst watching his wifey get rammed by some big black stud. For you, we have the following grip of film highlights that the fine folks at have supplied us with.

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Fuck My White Wife 4

Cuckold Fantasies

This is cuckolding cruelty taken to unbelievable extremes. 3 Creampies and 3 creampie eating scenes and 1 Snowball scene!

Husband Vladi is already bruised, whimpering, leashed, and shackled to a weightlifting bench when evil, mega-squirting wife Flower Tucci enters, ready to workout. She straddles his face for a set of crunches and bicep curls, SMOTHERING him under her sweaty crotch. Needing more personal attention, she decides to give her personal trainer a call. Vladi promises to serve her, but she pulls down his shorts to reveal a CHASTITY DEVICE locked to his amazingly tiny penis. A penis that can never fuck her the way she needs to be fucked.

Flower is still FACESITTING her pathetic husband when trainer TJ arrives. She starts making out with the muscular stud while Vladi struggles and protests. Flower starts sucking TJ’s much bigger cock, SLAPPING and WHIPPING Vladi when he tries to stop her. She orders Vladi to ask TJ to fuck her and after much brutal beating, he does so, weeping.

As they both straddle Vladi’s head, TJ drives his cock into Flower’s pussy from behind. She’s so turned on, she almost immediately has an ORGASM, SQUIRTING A HOT STREAM of fluid into Vladi’s face. TJ fucks Flower into a variety of positions, fucking her with furious intensity while her wimpering husband pleads for them to stop. When Vladi gets too close, TJ knocks him away like a toy. Flower SQUIRTS AGAIN AND AGAIN, unable to control her passion for this powerful stud.

When he CUMS ON HER ASS AND PUSSY, Flower orders her husband to lick it up, and to thank TJ when he’s finished. Then it’s off to the kitchen where Vladi must lie on the hard, cold floor while Flower kneels on his torso. She proceeds to give one of the sloppiest, most astonishing BLOWJOBS ever seen. TJ grabs her head and shoves the entire length of his manhood down her throat, and gallons of saliva drizzle down onto Vladi’s face. Throughout the SUCKING and SPITTING, the VERBAL HUMILIATION never lets up. TJ cums again in Flower’s mouth and she SPITS THE ENTIRE LOAD INTO HER HUSBAND’S MOUTH for a hot SNOWBALL scene.

Flower drags Vladi to the bedroom by his leash for another round of FACESITTING and SMALL COCK ABUSE before a recharged TJ appears behind her and slams his cock back into her pussy. They fuck with incredible intensity in multiple positions and Flower SQUIRTS so many times and in such quantity you could float a battleship in her fluids.

Vladi suffers not only this, but repeated SLAPPING, KICKING and SHOVING from both his wife and her lover. TJ gleefully gets off on pushing the smaller, weaker little man around. Flower straps the Accommodator Face Dildo onto his head and lets him try to fuck her with it while she worshipfully sucks TJ’s rock hard cock. Sadly, his pathetic attempts only make them laugh at him more.

Two more times TJ CUMS IN FLOWER’S PUSSY and both times Vladi is commanded to slurp the sticky seed of this superior man out of his wife’s worn out, but satisfied, hole. Flower and TJ go to take a shower, leaving a devastated Vladi to wash the sex-soaked sheets.

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Amy Reid certainly has one of the tightest bodys’ in porn. So, consider yourself lucky that I’ve got this super slick free porn gallery of her getting shagged by her fiance’s bestfriend.

She’s wearing some tight jeans that suck to her skin, really accentuating her gorgeous curves. She’s also got on a nice split top so we can see a lot of her mouth-watering cleavage.
The set up in this gallery is nice. We see how her fiance pays his friend to sleep with his girl. Hey, if that’s how he gets his rocks off, who are we to judge?

She cautiously excepts, and within minutes she finds her self mouth-full of cock. You see her attitude change from apprehension to complete lust as she takes it further.

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