All Hail The Mighty Squirt

Mason Moore - Squirting

Few aspects of human sexuality are debated more in modern times than the female ejaculation. No one knows what it is- Doctors, researchers, porn stars… No one. One thing that is not disputed, is how fucking hot a woman’s orgasm can be with a full-on eruption of cum.

If the science behind squirting compels you, check out this detailed blog post by Betty Dodson.

This post pays homage to some of those orgasms caught on film! We’ve rounded up a set of female ejaculation and squirting clips to wet your whistle.

Porn star Mason Moore is no stranger to super hot squirting scenes.

Then there is the beautiful Lexi Love who is also known for her explosive orgasms!


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Free Sex Stories – Just Needed Some Motivation

Free Sex Stories - Finding Her OrgasmI used to be very shy sexually, I grew up in a home where sex was never talked about and the group of girls I went around with were extremely religious, all of us were virgins when we got married. I had never touch myself except to wash. Pleasuring myself seemed gross, my husband did everything he could to get me to open up sexually. We had good sex, but after 4 years I still hadn’t had an orgasm, I didn’t really want too, at least that is what I thought.

He divorced me, not because he was cheating and definitely not because I was, he just said he was sick of feeling like he sucked at sex and that he wanted me to find someone that could please me. I knew he meant that he wanted someone more fun. I wished he had cheated then I could hate him and blame him, but since this was completely my fault I could only be mad at myself. After a short period of self hate, I decided that I was going to prove him wrong and make him hate his decision to leave me. My plan was simple, get a super hot guy or guys and send the video of us fucking to him. I thought it was the perfect plan except the sex part. I decided that I had to learn too cum, not an easy task for my 26 year old self.

I don’t drink much, but the best sex I ever had was when I was really drunk. I started by getting a pack of flavored vodka, my rabbit vibrator (which my ex had bought me hoping I would use it, which I never had), and a handful of porn I rented from this adult video vending machine, I could never had been able to walk into a video store to get it. I had only seen about ten second of porn before, at the time it grossed me out, but as I sorted threw the list of movies I begun to get a tingle between my legs. The thought of my ex seeing me watching the porn really made me horny.

As I left the machine I noticed a creepy guy staring at me, it really turned me on. Knowing that my body could make a man stare was exillirating. I never thought about myself as sexy. I am on the skinny side but far from perfect, I have average sized breast, but I have always thought my ass was the best part of me. I tried to wiggle it a little as I pasted the guy so he would turn and watch me. I turned to see if my bait had worked and he grabbed himself, I couldn’t believe that he did that right out in the open and that it really made me hot. The tingle turned into heat and I could feel my lips sliding together with the increasing lubrication as I walked to the car. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt this way.

I started drinking as soon as I got home, I turned the lights down and got out my favorite candles. I picked the first dvd, “Milfs teach young studs”. The cheesy title made me laugh as I had already started feeling buzzed. After about 30 minutes of watching old ladies getting pounded, I was tipsy and horny. It was awkward at first to see so many different naked bodies, but as I relaxed it really started to make me hot. I decided to get changed into something that would make me feel sexy. Read the rest of this entry »