Free Sex Stories – Timmy’s New Job

Free Sex Stories - Timmys New JobTimmy reread the ad, as the bus roared up the hill and diesel fumes wafted through the open window to upset his already nervous stomach. Wanted, a personal servant to attend to my every need. Must be a male with boyish looks, at least 18, but no older. Must be no more than five-foot five inches tall or shorter. Must be thin and small. Generally, the smaller the better. Applicants must respond by email for further instructions on how to apply. No experience needed.

Timmy desperately needed this job. He was out of work, out of his rented room, and out of luck! He seemed to fit the requirements, but he stank at interviews and knew he didn’t have a chance. But, what else could he do? He had only the clothes on his back, a couple of dollars he had panhandled, and an empty stomach. He wanted to eat, but he had to save the two dollars for the bus! He couldn’t walk to the interview, for it was too far!

The only other possibility was to prostitute himself to any who wanted to use him. The idea scared him! He was still a virgin with no idea how to please anyone sexually! Besides, he was painfully shy!

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Free Sex Stories – The Girl Next Door

She watched from her window as the three boys lifted boxes and pushed furniture towards their door. Her new next door neighbors looked like they were in their early 20s, and each of them had their own rugged handsomeness about them. Clara would have offered a hand, but she was rooted to the spot – captivated.

She tried to listen as the boys called to each other.

“Hey Rob, grab that box for me” the tallest one shouted. So that was his name. Rob had dark hair and a cheeky smile – just Clara’s type. She held her warm coffee mug as she watched the muscles flex in his arms as he lifted. He certainly looked like a fine specimen.

An hour later the boys had managed to transfer everything from the van to their flat and the building was quiet again. Clara thought she should take the chance to introduce herself, perhaps offer them a cup of tea after all their hard work. She checked her reflection in the mirror (stunning, as usual) and pulled her top down a little to reveal some cleavage. Working as a blonde London escort she was never usually nervous about meeting men, but there was something about Rob that made her heart speed up.

She knocked twice, then waited. The tall boy answered the door after a moment and looked at her blankly for a moment.

“Hi, I’m Clara, I live next door” she said, extending her hand. He seemed to shake his head then reached out to shake her hand.

“Sorry, wow. You look… I mean, I’m Jim”. Clara smiled and some of her confidence was restored; this wasn’t the first time she’d left a man speechless. She followed him down the hall into the living room, where Rob and the other man, Dave, sat amongst the unpacked boxes.

“I thought you boys might appreciate a coffee” she said as three pairs of eyes fixed on her. Rob stood up and approached her; he was the only one who didn’t look terrified to be in her presence. Blonde London escorts are used to dealing with nervous men, so this impressed her. “That’s so nice of you to offer. Let me come give you a hand”.

The pair walked wordlessly back to Clara’s flat, and Rob closed the door behind them. She wondered when he would speak again, but as she turned to face him Clara realized instantly that conversation wasn’t on his mind. His eyes burned fiercely and the sight of them got her as horny as hell. Without thinking or asking, she took a step towards him and stood on her tiptoes to reach his lips; as she kissed him, he put his arms around her lower back and pulled her body tightly against him. She could feel that he had an erection, and a burning curiosity washed over her – how big was he? Read the rest of this entry »

Free Sex Stories – The Tattoo Parlor

The Tattoo Parlor

I was very excited because I was going to get my very first tattoo. I waited until I was twenty four before I decided to get inked for the first time. Mainly because I was a daughter of a minister and had a job as a professional swimsuit model and both of them frowned on tattoos. But I had reached a point in life where I wasn’t going to be ruled by others and a tattoo is something I had always wanted.

It was late as I walked into the tattoo parlor in the center of town, away from my suburban home, so no one I knew would see me.

The only person that was working that night was a cute girl with pink hair and dark horned glasses. Her eyes were deep and piercing and she smiled at me with her red painted lips.

As I reached the counter she was behind, she stood up to meet me. She was about five foot four, wearing a pink tank top that barely held her huge breasts in, and a black pleated mini-skirt that was so short it didn’t cover the tops of her black and pink stripe stockings.

“Can I help you?” She asked me with a smile on her face.

“Yes I would like to get my first tattoo. My friend Susan told me that an artist named Christine is who I wanted to work on me.” I replied.

“Well girl, you found her.” She said as she halved bowed.

“Great, is it too late to get a tattoo?” I asked.

She looked up at the clock and saw that it was fifteen minutes before ten, then turned back to me and said, “Well normally I close a ten, but since you are a friend of Susan and this is your first tattoo, I will make an exception for you.”

She locked the door so no other customers would come into the store and asked if I knew what I wanted. I handed her a piece of paper with a drawing of a Celtic cross to her that I drew myself.

“Nice work, you should come work for me!” She said studying the picture. “So where on your body should I put this on?” She asked.

For a moment I drew a blank. I told her that I was a swimwear model and I couldn’t just have the tattoo put on me anywhere.

“I know a perfect place to put your ink on!” She said excitedly. “I can put it on your pubic mound! That way the only people that would know you had a tattoo is me, you and anyone that past third base with you!”
I laughed at her corny joke but thought that would be a great place because she was right about who would be able to see the tattoo.

She had me come around the counter and took me to one of the private rooms she had in the shop. Once we got in the room she shut the door and set her work station up. A few minutes had past, she finished setting her tattoo gun up, put different colored ink into small thimble sized containers and was ready to start working on me.

“Okay sweetie, I will need you to remove your pants and panties, and then lie on your back on the table there,” She said as she pointed to a padded table in the middle of the room.

Being a little nervous I hesitated.

Sensing how nervous I was, Christine smiled and assured me that everything was going to be fine and tattoos don’t hurt as bad as people let on.

“It isn’t the pain I’m worried about… It’s just that I have never had a woman being so close to my…. Well you know?” I explain to her.

She laughed and said, “Sweetie do you know how many, ‘you knows’, I have worked around?” She asked me. She followed up with, “Just relax and everything will be fine.”

I felt a lot easier and took off my pants and panties. Then I lied on the table and excitedly waited to get my tattoo.

Christine put on a pair of rubber gloves and began to work on me. She explained everything that she was doing and why it had to me done. First she used soap to clean the area she was going to work on, which was an odd but kind of pleasant feeling, which sent shivers to race through my body and my pussy to become a little wet.

After she cleaned the spot she pulled out a razor and shaved my already smooth mound and placed a stencil on the site she was going to tattoo, so she knew where to put the ink in me. Again I felt shivers race from my pussy and throughout my body.

“Okay sweetie, I need you to slide to the edge of the table and spread your legs for me.” She instructed me.

I did what was told of me while she sat on a small stool in between my legs….


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