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Top 10 Halloween Costume Porn Parodies from HotMovies.com

The month of October is the best time to enact all of your favorite frisky costume sex fantasies. Why else do you think couples dress up in correlating outfits on Halloween? The chuckles a costume duo gets from their friends are only the beginning. Once the party is over, it’s time for some dirty cosplay romance!

Below are the top 10 costume sex porn parodies chosen by HotMovies.com. We’ve taken the time to look through our massive 170,000 adult video on demand library, and find heavily costume focused sex involving outfits you see frequently on Halloween. Whether it’s timeless television shows, characters from classic literature, or popular political personalities, we have you covered from super to silly.

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Halloween Costume Porn Parody - Whos Nailin Paylin Adventures of a Hockey MILF Costume Porn Parody - This Aint Star Trek XXX
Halloween Costume Porn Parody - This Aint Happy Days XXX Costume Porn Parody - The Flintstones A XXX Parody
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Costume Porn Parody - Erica McLeans Alice Halloween Costume Porn Parody - Batman XXX A Porn Parody
Costume Porn Parody - 70s Show A XXX Parody Halloween Costume Porn Parody - Wonderland

Zombie Porn – Zombie Nation

Halloween Porn - Zombie Porn - Zombie Nation CoverIn abandoned churches and ghost-filled graveyards, a crowd of sex-starved zombies roam looking for some fresh British cunt to feast on. Seeking sexual satisfaction, they prey upon unsuspecting babes in a series of horror-inspired sex scenes.

Dark haired beauty Elizabeth Michelle Lawerence is caught by a lucky stiff, who does her in the arse and pussy before spunking on her great boobs!

Sexy blonde zombie Jamie Lee Summers has enormous tits and an even bigger appetite for cock! Let loose from her prison cell, she takes a dynamite double-dicking from two horny lads!

The sight of sexy blonde zombie Diana Gold is enough to make any man stiff. Coming across a horny stud in a cemetery, she sucks his cock and lets him do her in every hole!

Then Sandra Sanchez and Demi Moor serve up a tasty lesbian treat in a cemetery! Is this what they mean when they say ghouls just wanna have fun? Spooky studs, damsel-in-distress, undead whores and more…all feeding their lust for hard cock and wet pussy. There’s no escape from this frenzy of creepy cumshots and horror hard-ons!

Zombie Porn - Zombie Nation 1

Zombie Nation is an extremely well put together mix of horror and sex. When one thinks of Zombie Porn, there are certain expectations that naturally come with it. Zombie fans want hot tattered undead strippers rising from the earth with an insatiable hunger for cock. Everything in the previous sentence is offered in this porn video.

Zombie Porn - Zombie Nation 2

The zombies may fuck like well trained athletes in Zombie Nation, but you had better believe that they are stumbling their way there. Kendo, the director, made sure to stay true to Zombie culture as much as possible within the confines of an adult film. So, if you are a zombie lover looking for some hot zombie sex…look no further. Zombie Nation is a full fledged undead horror porn video.

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