Hot Lesbian Sequel – Poor Little Shyla 2

Girlfriends Films' Poor Little Shyla 2

Philadelphia, PA – Poor Little Shyla 2, the sequel to Video on Demand’s most popular title of 2011, has been released exclusively on In just a few days it has skyrocketed to the number one spot.

With the landmark success of Poor Little Shyla‘s exclusive release on, Girlfriends Films was happy to release the sequel only on Poor Little Shyla 2 is already the most watched movie on, a phenomenon that did not surprise James Cybert, HotMovies director of business development. “Girlfriends Films was as happy with the popularity of Poor Little Shyla as we were. They spent the last year carefully crafting Shyla 2 to capitalize on the same hot power play and real lesbian sex. They really put their best foot forward with a whole new cast,” said Cybert.

Shyla Jennings is back, along with the fan favorite Julia Ann, and adorable newcomers Lily Carter and Sensi Pearl. Shyla 2 features elitism, sadism, pity, lust and unspoken desires; helplessness, dominance, and altruism all rushing into a thrilling tale of interconnected lesbian encounters.

The controversial original, featuring the exploitation of a handicapped young girl and portrayed by a stunning cast of models, was originally going to be called “Molesting Shyla.” “It’s amazing to me the kind of things that get popular,” said Cybert. “This is a movie about a young girl, confined to leg braces and crutches, who is teased by her classmates. As an act of hazing, they take sexual advantage of her and in doing so, release an unspoken Sapphic desire inside her, and inside them.” Poor Little Shyla 2 is even more edgy than the first. Cybert said, “It’s a premise that seems really creepy. You look out of curiosity and find a find a story so titillating it sucks you in like a clit into a lipstick lesbian’s mouth.”

Featuring coerced sex, older/ younger lesbian seductions, and breathless Dionysian group sex, the Poor Little Shyla franchise plays with your emotions far more than any other typical lesbian sex movie. Girlfriends Films specializes in this kind of intensity between the characters, and Poor Little Shyla 2 is it’s most daring and successful movie to date.

Girlfriends Film’s record breaking Poor Little Shyla was a masterpiece of power dynamics and acting. The actors were hot too, from the pouty, nubile Shyla Jennings to the vampy ginger goddess Faye Reagan; RayVaness with her buxom, matronly performance and Georgia Jones as a coy, slender prep with mischievous machinations, the actors brought to life an entire spectrum of body types and attitudes. Combined with Girlfriends Film’s high quality production and writing, it’s easy to see how Poor Little Shyla topped the Video on Demand charts for all of 2011.

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Free Lesbian Porn Video – My First Orgy 2

Free Lesbian Porn Video - My First Orgy 2Free Lesbian Porn Video - My First Orgy 2Free Lesbian Porn Video - My First Orgy 2
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In this free lesbian sex video from Third Degree, My First Orgy 2, Ivy Winters, Lexi Swallow, Tegan Summers, and Amy Brooke decide that they simply don’t feel like waiting for dick to arrive. They’re hot, horny, and waiting to fuck, so why not play with some of their girl on girl spare time? The object of this lesbian orgy is to get as wet as possible before the cocks arrive and the real hardcore sex begins. These sexy ladies will do anything it takes to make this wild fuck fest count… It’s their first orgy!

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Free Porn Gallery – Girlfriends Films – Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 35

Girlfriends Films - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 DVDGirlfriends Films is easily one of our favorite lesbian porn studios, and this scene from Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 35 is a great example of why. Featured in this scene are sexy mature lesbian goddess Inari Vachs and hot new starlet Bibi Jones. Inari plays it very cool with Bibi at first, sensing her shyness towards immediate advances. She softly strokes her arm and moves the hair from her face until Bibi sheds some of her natural defenses. Then Inari moves in for a sweet, semi-innocent kiss, and clothes begin peeling away.

Bibi Jones has a flawless 20 year old body that any fan of women can highly appreciate, but Inari Vachs is the real surprise here. At 37, Inari does not look a day over 27. Her smooth skin covers a sultry fit physique that begs to be licked from head to toe. If the Older/Younger part of this lesbian porn series has kept you outside of it’s borders, this scene is far too hot to not have a change of heart. Look at Inari Vachs’ stomache!

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Free Porn Pics - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 1 Free Porn Pics - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 2
Free Porn Pics - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 3 Free Porn Pics - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 4
Free Porn Pics - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 5 Free Porn Pics - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 6
Free Porn Pics - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 7 Free Porn Pics - Lesbian Seductions Older Younger 35 8

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Porn Video Review – Strap-On Lesbians

Triangle Films Strap-On LesbiansWe decided to cut the men out of this week’s porn video review, but kept the cock. Where you’ll never find us posting transsexual porn on this site, hot lesbians fucking each other into gasping orgasmic euphoria is always allowed. Triangle Films is best known for being one of the hottest real lesbian porn studios in the adult industry today. Some may think that statement is false due to noticing many of the porn stars in this video also fuck men on camera. After you watch Strap-On Lesbians, you won’t feel the same way.

Each and every one of these sexy ladies loves having tits attached to their big rubber dick just as much as getting filled with hot man juice. Nina Hartley, Kristina Rose, Kayla Synz, Sasha Grey, Roxy Deville, Emilianna, Luscious Lopez, Sophie Dee, Ariel X, Claire Adams, Penny Flame, Sinn Sage, Sandra Romain and Elexis Monroe all pair off to give and/or take a good strap on fucking. Our personal favorite duo has to be Nina Hartley masterfully pounding Kristina Rose into submission. Sinn Sage and Sandra Romain come in at a close second though.

As strap on lesbian porn videos go, this is top-quality stuff. Not only is the cast comprised of major porn stars you would normally be tugging it to while they bang grunting men, but they all visually love the job as well. A well-deserved honorable mention goes out to Emilianna for showing us our first Furry fetish lesbian strap on scene. She puts on a full rabbit suit and let’s Roxy Deville strap her up for the most interesting sex we have seen this week. Strap-On Lesbians is a porn video that deserves to be on the “easily reached” shelf of your adult film collection.

Strap-On Lesbians Strap on lesbians
Strapon Lesbians Strap-On Lesbians
Strap on Lesbians Strapon lesbians

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Free Porn Videos – Pin-Up Girls 5

Free Porn Videos - Pin-Up Girls 5
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It shouldn’t be a secret that Girlfriends Films is one of our all-time favorite lesbian porn studios. Not only are their actresses extremely beautiful in every lesbian film, but their creativity and attention to detail take lesbian sex to a whole new sensual level.

The Pin-Up Girls series pays homage to a time when classic beauty was just beauty in general. Bright red lipstick, corsets and linked stockings make sex more of an art form than just fucking. The fifth installment keeps the pretty girls exploring girl on girl action just as much as in the first. In a slow, innocent style, these dames are let to freely roam each other as long as their libidos will allow.

If you are looking for a more mature porn video experience, with hot young lesbian talent, this is the series for you. Watching Pin-Up Girls is a breath of fresh air every time we see it.

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