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XXX Porn Parody – Red Riding Hood XXX

Porn Parody - Red Riding Hood XXXWhen Little Red Riding Hood’s hot MILF spills the beans on dating a man much much younger than her, Red is not happy! She grabs her bright red hooded cape and storms out on her way to Grandma’s house against her MILF mother’s wishes. Of course, this only gives Mommy Red and her young boy toy the chance to suck and fuck the same way Little Red Riding Hood came to be.

Along the way through the deep, dark woods, Red crosses paths with some naughty wayward characters. A sexy mistress in black warns Red of how the Big Bad Wolf owns the woods, and that he would find her no matter what. Too bad this sinister sex kitten is actually one of the Wolf’s sex minions. She finds out Red is heading to her Grandma’s house and beats her there to take Grandma hostage. A naked bound lesbian sex kind of hostage.

Red finally makes it through the woods to Grandma’s house, but something just doesn’t seem right. As she opens the door to her Grandma’s room, a deep imitating voice emits from under the covers in the dark. Low and behold, the Big Bad Wolf ( a burly man with some crazy awesome sideburns ) has taken her place. What does this Big Bad sly dog want to return Red’s Grandma? Nothing more than to take her innocence in her Granny’s own bed!

The Bad Wolf fucks little Red doggystyle (go figure) while she screams in ecstasy on the same bed her Grandma just had hot lesbian sex in. Mix this childish tale with Lexi Belle‘s fantastic ability to role play as an adorable innocent child, and you get a sultry story of defiling a closet innocent freak. Long live Lexi Belle and her squeaky little voice for coming out as Red in this porn parody.

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Vivid’s Fresh Picked – The Best Newcomers in the Biz

Porn Videos - Fresh PickedWhen you’re looking for a who’s who of fresh, young girls in the porn industry, there is no better opinion than that of porno giant Vivid Entertainment.

Fresh Picked is a tease-sex lovers wet dream. This porn video has a hand picked young cast of porn stars chosen by none other than Vivid and famed director B. Skow. Lexi Belle, Blue Angel, Tanner Mayes, Ashlyn Rae, Ally Kay, and Mallory Rae Murphy put their best performances on the table in a sexy shoot-out of today’s hottest young adult talent.

If you can make it past Tanner Mayes and James Deen‘s first scene without blowing your load, please feel free to leave a comment on this post stating so. Every one of the scenes in this amazing porn video have strong replay values. Tanner and James have a fantastic amount of sexual energy together. Between James Deen‘s insatiable “fuck like rabbits” eagerness and Tanner Mayes‘ innocence overwhelmed by desire for cock, I spent 95% of the scene watching with my jaw dropped in sheer jealousy.

Blue Angel tags in for scene 2 and lays down a nice hand of her own. Where Tanner Mayes brought a lot of acrobatics to her performance, Blue Angel was obviously all about taking the big cock. I lost count after 4, but she comes to very real orgasms about every 3 minutes during this scene. Grinding this monster member deep inside her convulsing wet pussy makes for a very pleasing viewing experience. Sheerly watching Blue Angel rub her own clit while her vagina is stretched wide fucking, is enough to pop another load right here. That’s two hurdles to clear in order to see the end of this porn video.

Third up to the fresh porn star plate is the beautiful blonde nympho, Mallory Rae Murphy. Mallory’s scene starts out a little slow, but she becomes more and more ravenous the longer she gets fucked. Mallory’s strong suit in this porn video, is her ability to bounce on top. This man must have had dental numbing gel on his dick in order to not fill her tiny bare vagina with mass amounts of cum. Mallory can bounce her perfect ass high and fast without any assistance whatsoever from her partner. Make sure you do not skip this scene in the beginning, you would be missing out.

Now for the sunshine in any porn fan’s day. Lexi Belle swishes into the fray wearing nothing but a frilly off-white ballerina tutu. What makes Lexi so great as a porn actress, is her scandalous little voice. To hear this horny little blonde ask for the dirtiest of things in her squeaky innocent voice, is absolutely divine beyond all shadow of a doubt. Mix her ability to talk dirty with her visually erotic orgasms, all natural full tits, and this becomes yet another “must cum” scenario in this porn video.

Ok, well that’s enough of spilling the beans. I don’t want to spoil too much of this video for you. Ashlyn Ray and Ally Kay both put up stellar performances to finish up the film, but you’ll have to watch to see what I mean. Two huge thumbs up go out to B. Skow and Vivid for choosing a fantastic young cast that really knows how to turn on the heat. Vivid’s Fresh Picked gets the TJ stamp of approval.

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Porn Stars: Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle Videos on DemandLexi Belle has been working in the adult Industry since December, 2005. She was working in a video store where she was approached by someone from OZ Entertainment who had seen her on MySpace and wanted to recruit her into the Porn Industry. Three months later, she visited her first porn set.

A four year high school band geek, Lexi Belle is also a self-professed Star Wars geek with her favorite film of the series being Attack of the Clones. She entered into the porn scene as an admitted semi-virgin. “I basically came into this industry as a virgin. I didn’t know any positions. I had never given head. I had never been with a girl, or two guys. I’d never done any of that!”, says Lexi.

Lexi has a foot aversion, and so the one thing she refuses to take part in is foot fetish films. On the brighter side, she is a huge fan of riding Cowgirl saying, “I love it. I like to take control. I hate being on the bottom. You can’t do anything.”


*2010 AVN Award – Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene “Field of Schemes 5”
* 2010 AVN Award – Best New Web Starlet
* 2010 XRCO Award – Cream Dream
* 2010 F.A.M.E. Award – Favortie Underrated Starlet


Batman XXX: A PORN PARODYVivid and Axel Braun are pleased to present BATMAN XXX: A PORN PARODY, a spoof on the campy 60’s TV show. When The Riddler kidnaps Bruce Wayne’s fiancée, Commissioner Gordon calls Batman and Robin to the rescue. But when Batman gets drugged and kidnapped as well, it’s up to Robin and Batgirl to untangle the mystery. They soon discover that Catwoman and The Joker are also behind the devilish scheme to get rid of the dynamic duo forever. Will this be the end for the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder?

“Dale DaBone literally became Adam West, turning in one of the most electrifying comeback performances I’ve ever seen in my 20 years in the industry,” stated Braun, “and James Deen was just outstanding as Robin. Tori Black, who plays Catwoman, showed us exactly why she’s the reigning Performer of the Year. This girl is so gorgeous and talented, and her sexual energy is just unbelievable.”

“Lexi Belle was just fantastic as Batgirl,” Braun added, “and Alexis Texas is so flawless that no matter which way you put the camera, you cannot take a bad shot of her. Kimberly Kane has been a favorite of mine for a long time, and here she shines as Bruce Wayne’s aristocratic fiancée. And then there’s Evan Stone and Randy Spears as The Riddler and The Joker: These guys are simply in a class by themselves. Their performances were nothing short of stellar, and their work ethic and dedication to this project absolutely blew me away.” Read the rest of this entry »