All Hail The Mighty Squirt

Mason Moore - Squirting

Few aspects of human sexuality are debated more in modern times than the female ejaculation. No one knows what it is- Doctors, researchers, porn stars… No one. One thing that is not disputed, is how fucking hot a woman’s orgasm can be with a full-on eruption of cum.

If the science behind squirting compels you, check out this detailed blog post by Betty Dodson.

This post pays homage to some of those orgasms caught on film! We’ve rounded up a set of female ejaculation and squirting clips to wet your whistle.

Porn star Mason Moore is no stranger to super hot squirting scenes.

Then there is the beautiful Lexi Love who is also known for her explosive orgasms!


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Free Porn Videos – James Deen Amateur Video – Lexi Love

Free Porn Videos - James Deen Amateur Video Lexi Love
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As a big fan of good amateur sex, I am personally ecstatic about this video from James Deen and Lexi Love. Many things come up in conversation as an employee within the adult industry, but “the best sex” is the topic we discuss most here. What I believe porn has lost over the years, is the sincerity. Something you won’t find a lack of in this porn video.

There are no camera changes during this absolutely 100% amateur sex scene between James and Lexi. No cuts, no editing and all real sex. If you could, picture yourself coming home from a night at the bar with Lexi Love. How would you take control of this eager little vixen? Well, if it were me, I wouldn’t waste any time getting down to business. Neither does James Deen. The horny couple barely makes it into the room before stripping some clothes off and having a taste of their imminent fantastic fuck.

These two have a natural sexual chemistry that most married people would kill for. James and Lexi are equally talented teasers, and the battle for control makes their sex something which cannot be missed. Lexi orgasms multiple times during this session, but her raw pleasure at 14:25 where James bangs her doggystyle while feverishly rubbing her clit…is unmatched. Just when you think her hips can’t give any more depth, the sheer ecstasy noticeably makes her trade any bodily hinderance for more of James Deen’s throbbing cock.

Trust me, you want to see this full porn video.

Free Porn Videos – Free Fuck Friday – Shane’s World Summer

The Shane’s World crew gets on another sexually tropical trip to Hawaii and the girls are at it again! Nadia and Lexi start the trip off right by giving a local boy the Shane’s World double handjob handshake. Just when the trip seemed fairly normal for the group of hot and horny youngins, Johnny and Nadia add some drama to the mix when they have some fun behind Casey Parker’s back.

After the girls take their surf lessons to the open Hawaiian oceans, Casey and Johnny find a secluded tide pool and Jerry, Nadia and Lexi have some naughty threesome group sex. Take a peek into the world of Shane’s World – SURFER GIRLS!

This free porn video gives you a look at how far Johnny and Nadia had to go out of the way to have a good fuck without Casey around. Nadia has no problem stripping naked and fooling around in the warm Hawaiian wind. The roll bar of Johnny’s jeep makes for a great stabilizer when she wants his face between her thighs. After Nadia gets her fill of sucking Johnny’s hard cock, she takes him deep without any hesitation. Hot summer sex on the Hawaiian country side sounds like the life! See Nadia getting some of Johnny’s cock in the second free porn video below.

Free Porn Video #2