When Massages Go Right!

Message turns into sex movieMassages are the shit! I mean really- Who doesn’t like a good massage? Break out the herbal oils and lets squeeze some ass cheeks like Playdoe.

You know what’s even better than a good message? Those special messages where you end up with your clit or prick tickled at the end. Now we’re talking business.

There are many different types of messages and techniques one can employ when hoping for the “Happy Ending”. Let’s examine.

Malibu seems like a good place to get a massage hence the name of the following film- Malibu Massage Parlor #2.

Let’s start with The Greeting. This seems to be an important one. Note the form of young entrepreneur. Nice black collar shirt- but no shoes? We’ll have to see how this plays out. Hopefully she’s a foot woman.

Note the courteous towel pickup on his way to the bench. Seems like our perky masseuse is in the running to get his penis involved in today’s action. Note the form of the oil rub, he quickly rubs his hands together before oiling up the babe on the table. Good call, you don’t want to cause a chill to run down that ass! Let’s have a look…

So far, so good for this young go-getter. His body oils seem to be a hit. Let’s see how this Read the rest of this entry »