Porn Star Spare Time – Pussy Blow Bowl 2011

Of the many things people wonder about the personal lives of porn stars, what they do with their spare time comes up fairly often. This video is of three bright up-and-cummers within today’s Adult Industry, sharing a little of that thing called “life” together. Misti Dawn, Michael Vegas and Xander Corvus are members of the new generation of porn stars. A much more connected, technological breed of pro-sexuality performers.

In what we are naming the first “Pussy Blow Bowl” ever, these three compete in who can orally inflate the largest pocket pussy before popping it. Michael Vegas takes a quick lead out of the gate, but loses composure and deflates his pussy in hilarity. The laughter becomes infectious and soon lends itself as the toughest obstacle of the Blow Bowl. We have to admit, simply watching “The Great Cornholio” blow a pocket pussy bubble like a wide-eyed deer in headlights made us roll on the office floor. The competitors attempt to regain focus, but seem to have traded their abilities to blow for spitting in the pussy. Although great for lubrication, this technique does not make for great Blow Bowl strategy.

Amidst rubbery male fart sounds, and childlike laughter, Misti Dawn finds a temporary Zen under her furry animal hat to take over first place. Xander Corvus attempts stretching his pussy for better air intake, but still can’t seem to figure out masturbator inflation. Misti continues strongly until her pussy ruptures, and pops Michael Vegas in a rage of pussy size jealousy. Xander finally gets a handle on his pussy to inflate what looks to be the overall winner of Pussy Blow Bowl 2011.

What better way to celebrate a successful competition than making a pocket pussy yamaka?

The Official Revenge of The Nerds Porn Parody

POPPORN’s Brian Bangs and Spock Buckton re-write one of the most loveable 80’s comedies of all time in The Official Revenge of The NERDS porn parody from Third Degree studios. The prodigal nerds themselves, Louis and Gilbert, enter their freshman year at college. As you know, if you have seen Revenge of The Nerds, these innocent techie pals have a good possibility of running into trouble with the “Nerd hating” football team. Although, this is a porn parody…and wouldn’t you rather see these pencil pushers finally get a chance to lay their robust libidos across the entire cheerleading team? Let the panty raid begin!

Join Raven Alexis, Lily LaBeau, Sophia Santi, Dana DeArmond, Tara Lynn Foxx and Brooklyn Lee along with Louis, Gilbert, Poindexter, Takashi, Booger and Lamar for a much more arousing tale of nerd adolescence.

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Free Porn Videos – P.O.V. Punx 3

In today’s free porn video, Misti Dawn returns to show us some more of how hot redheads from Kentucky like to strip and seal the deal with a smile. Misti‘s curvy athletic build and big natural tits always bring smiles to our faces, and even though this is a P.O.V. porn film…i’d still bet money on there being a shit eating grin on this swinging dick’s face.

Misti plays the adorable and innocent card in this clip. How many girls have you met that have asked you if they could suck your dick? Personally, I’ve never met one…but you know i’m making them from now on! It’s the simple subtleties that make sex erotic rather than bland and boring. When a sweet face like Misti Dawn‘s looks up at you while holding your throbbing hard-on and asks, “Is this ok?” through her delightfully devious grin, you’ve reached erotic…if not an immediate orgasm. Less than a second later, you’re off to fantasy land as Misti takes good care of your desires.

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On Set with Alt-Porn Star – Misti Dawn

This past week TJ from had the awesome privilege to make a trip to hang out with one extremely down-to-earth sexy southern gal, the beautiful Misti Dawn.

Misti Dawn

Misti was in the greater New York City area for about a week doing some work, and she graciously decided to have me attend her photo shoot the night before leaving for home.

When I arrived at the address, I rang the doorbell a couple times and knocked…but there wasn’t an answer. Considering this was my first attendance “on set” so to speak, I thought I had gotten punk’d. Fortunately, the photographer, Eugene Bloomfield, answered the door and I was welcomed into the pulse of the adult world. Misti came out of the bathroom to greet me, topless from getting her first outfit together, and tried to shake my hand. Whether it was the amount I had already known about her from covering the industry, or just my natural tendency to be personal, I don’t know, but I went for the hug like any of the guys from “That 70’s Show” would have. Luckily, Misti is a very cool girl and laughed it off with me.

Shortly after, Eugene and I made our way downstairs into the studio. I had brought a staff camera, but Eugene’s photographic prowess far outreaches mine. So, I decided to just lend him a hand as needed. Misti entered in her flawless Mary Jane Watson style with a new green dress and set my world on fire. What I love about Misti Dawn is that she can be “girl next door” one second, and “sultry seductress” the next. How many girls can have a conversation about video games and comic-con, and proceed to strip in the hottest ways possible without missing a beat? Read the rest of this entry »

Misti Dawn Exclusive Interview

Misti DawnWell, well, well. Hello Misti Dawn. For any of our readers who don’t know you Misti, could you give us your short profile?

Why hello, I’m Misti Dawn, and yeap that is my real name. I like porn. I like making it, watching it, and touching myself to it. I am what they call an “Alt” Porn Gal. Fancy name for having tattoos. I am from Kentucky and enjoy very nerdy past times.

Now, down to business. You have some exciting events shortly ahead of you. Your birthday / Launch Party is taking place this month at “Hammerheads” Bar in Evansville, Indiana. What made you choose “Hammerheads”? Any specific reason why you didn’t choose “Scores Sports Bar” where you began your Adult Dancing? Considering it’s in the same town…

I have always enjoyed Hammerheads Bar in my hometown, I know everyone who comes in, who works there, and they actually offered to have the party there and it just made sense to celebrate it with my friends. As for not having the party at Scores Sports Bar, we just were not able to work out a time that worked for everyone, and I wanted to have a more relaxed environment for everyone where they do not feel pressured to spend lots of money just to get to hang out with us but to actually just hang out at a bar, eat some snack, get some drinks, dance, and just have a good time.

Who are some of the notables who will be attending this Soiree de Misti Dawn?

I can not confirm anyone specifically but Dave Navarro has mentioned he might, as you know I am his weather girl for his radio show Dark Matter every Wednesday on Indie 103.1 in LA (but also avialable on podcast) and Chris Gore from G4 Attack of the Show might come. Wendy Williams will be there, and of course Joanna! Who knows who might make a surprise visit. Read the rest of this entry »