Free Sex Stories – Timmy’s New Job

Free Sex Stories - Timmys New JobTimmy reread the ad, as the bus roared up the hill and diesel fumes wafted through the open window to upset his already nervous stomach. Wanted, a personal servant to attend to my every need. Must be a male with boyish looks, at least 18, but no older. Must be no more than five-foot five inches tall or shorter. Must be thin and small. Generally, the smaller the better. Applicants must respond by email for further instructions on how to apply. No experience needed.

Timmy desperately needed this job. He was out of work, out of his rented room, and out of luck! He seemed to fit the requirements, but he stank at interviews and knew he didn’t have a chance. But, what else could he do? He had only the clothes on his back, a couple of dollars he had panhandled, and an empty stomach. He wanted to eat, but he had to save the two dollars for the bus! He couldn’t walk to the interview, for it was too far!

The only other possibility was to prostitute himself to any who wanted to use him. The idea scared him! He was still a virgin with no idea how to please anyone sexually! Besides, he was painfully shy!

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