Free Sex Stories – Amy’s Next Erotic Night

Free Sex Stories - Wife SharingNine months ago, Amy and I had our first encounter with my fantasy of sharing my wife with another man. It had happened in a sort of whirlwind fashion. I had not expected the encounter to happen so quickly, nor did I expect my wife to be willing to fuck someone else so quickly. I found my feelings about the situation to be mixed during the first couple of weeks following our encounter with Greg. Greg was a high school friend that I had recently become reacquainted before our night of exciting passion.

My feelings ranged from being very excited to being worried that my wife would continue to see Greg behind my back. I would relive the night of watching Amy suck Greg’s cock and take his load deep inside her pussy, all the while shuddering as Greg took her to new heights of orgasm. After Amy and Greg had finished our passionate, sexual tryst that ended with me entering my wife’s pussy completely filled by my friend’s joyful juice, Amy and I had retreated to our own bedroom, while Greg had went immediately to sleep in our guest room.

Amy immediately came into my arms and had urged our slow passionate love making. I could feel the mixture of Greg’s cum with my own and a feeling of remorse came over me. I loved my wife deeply, and although I wanted her to feel sexual excitement, I also wanted our marriage to continue to be blissfully happy.

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Porn Videos – Cum Aboard!

Porn Videos - Cum AboardThere is only one thing cold weather does to people with big libidos, it exponentially increases our urges to fuck outdoors!

In protest of the late season cold weather, we’ve chosen a new Private release focused on outdoor group sex. “Cum Aboard!” is a brilliant mix of 6 hot and horny girls, boats, beaches and a couple hard dicks. With 6 scenes and 6 hot pornstars, Private managed to organize a very entertaining mix of FFM threesomes and full on foursome fuck sessions.

When you get up enough sack to watch this full porn video, please don’t miss scene 4. Jessica Moore and Morgan Moon team up to fuck two lucky boy toys on a beached vessel. Jessica Moore’s full figure is ridiculously sexy and tan. Her big natural tits actually made me jealous of the guys she’s effortlessly getting off.

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