Porn Star Spotlight – Emily Evermoore

Pornstar - Emily EvermooreBorn in Kansas City, Emily Evermoore decided at a young age that she wanted to work in some part of the porn industry. Telling AVN that: “I was pretty bored as a child, and out of that boredom, my sexuality started to kick in… Once I got older, I decided if my job wasn’t going to involve sex, it wasn’t going to work out for me.” This early desire prompted Emily to move to Nevada at the age of 19 and begin working at Sheri’s Ranch brothel.

Shortly after that Evermoore attended the 2006 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and decided that she wanted a shot in front of the cameras. “I decided I was a little too young to have sex with a bunch of old men…So I decided to move to Los Angeles and have sex with a bunch of young, good-looking men. And I have a passion for the limelight, as well.”

Emily’s first scene was with Ed Powers, who specializes in fresh young faces headed for professional adult entertainment careers. Ed took a little convincing that the forward Kansas girl really was an amateur though: “It really took a lot for him to believe that I was completely new to the business. I was still 21, but I wasn’t nervous and I was very sexual…it was really hard convincing him that it was my first time on camera. In the end, the scene went great. And after that, I worked every day for the first 30 days, sometimes twice a day.”

Since then Evermoore has learned she really loves fucking in front of the camera: “when I’m having sex, and a camera is turned on me, that makes it forever…it sort of immortalizes part of my soul. It’s something psychological, I guess. I love the lights and I love the camera. … I love the attention.”

Pornstar - Emily Evermoore - Blowjob Pornstar - Emily Evermoore - Spread Eagle Pornstar - Emily Evermoore - Bathroom Fuck

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Girl Next Door – Tanner Mayes

Girl Next Door - Tanner MayesGirl Next Door of the Month: Tanner Mayes


* 2010 XBIZ Award – PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Best New Starlet of the Year

Hot girl next door, Tanner Mayes, also sometimes known as Tanner Mayberry or Tanner Mays; is an American pornographic performer who first began her career in the adult entertainment industry at the age of 19, in 2008. Tanner has stared in over 40 films but gained a special notoriety in the industry by melting down on the set of a JM Productions lesbian bukkake film and by being nominated as the newcommer of the year for 2010.

The hot free girl next door porn pics of Tanner Mayes sucking and fucking a fat cock are from her performance in My Dirty Angels 14 by Overboard Video. This was one of Tanner’s first sex scenes and she was still a fresh 19 year old. What is there not to like about this wildly adorable teen hottie? She loves to be dominated and fucked like she’s being taken advantage of. In fact, she asks for it during the scene these pictures are taken from. Tanner Mayes gets my Girl Next Door of the Month vote. She has all the makings of what a guy likes to come home to after a long day at work. Watch Tanner Mayes porn videos and you’ll sing the same tune.

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Girl Next Door - Tanner Mayes - Fucked Doggystyle Girl Next Door - Tanner Mayes - Cum Smile

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Kylie Richards

Kylie Richards
Kylie Richards Hot Hard Sex
Kylie Richards Hit With Camera
Kylie Richards After Camera Slap

Kylie Richards is an American porn performer who got her start in the fast paced, hard pounding and often deep throated world of adult entertainment at 20 years old, in 2005. Since her debut, Kylie has had the honor of working with several of the top studios including: Hustler, Kick Ass Pictures and Girlfriends Films.

Kylie is a very down to earth girl. She likes grunge rock from bands such as Mars Volta and Soundgarden. She plays “World of Warcraft”, which is a major plus in my book. Not to mention, she’s totally addicted to porn. What more could a guy want in a girl?

Kylie Richards came into the adult industry through Myspace, and was thrown directly into the “circuit” as we like to call it. She was contracted by a pretty nasty amateur couple for a one time deal. Luckily, the experience didn’t kill Kylie’s sex drive.

“My sexual energy is so intense that I was able to overcome all these bad experiences. I have an incredibly high sexual drive. My sexual drive is so experimental and creative that I would never be able to be ruined by a bad experience. My approach is that I always go into a scene after I watch at least two hours of porn beforehand — And not touch myself. That’s how I get really into it. Then when I get on set, I pretend I’m a voyuer — Watching the scene while I’m doing it. I become the part. That’s the way I would think when I was a kid — sixteen years old in my bunk bed. I would just close my eyes and envision what I would do in various situations. You realize that when you get into the industry, a lot of people are just “acting” in scenes because they’ve become very jaded. I don’t ever want to become jaded. I always want my porn to be authentic.” Kylie Richards,

During one of her more popular Videos, Daddy’s Worst Nightmare #7, the Gonzo style camera man decided to get a real close-up of Kylie’s authentic facial expressions while getting fucked from behind. Well, he must have lost his footing, because he ended up smacking her directly in the face with the lens! The last two images above show Kylie getting beat with the camera, and being inspected for any damage afterward. She really isn’t kidding when she says she’s had some “rough” experiences in porn.