A King Solomon Christmas with Kali Kenzington

Solomon's 7th Heaven Kali Kenzington DVDDavid Solomon returns with his ever so divine touch to bring us his own personal Season’s Greetings. What better way to say Merry Christmas than with a brand new ginger wife? The King introduces us to his newest addition, 21 year old Kali Kenzington.

Kali stands at 5’7″ next to Solomon’s beautiful Christmas Tree in nothing but black hi-heels, red bra, red panties and a festive Santa hat for her interview. Once the pleasantries are taken care of, she moves on to wash up in the King’s full glass shower. Kali’s showering becomes too hard for Solomon to watch, as she glides her hands over her tight, milky skin. So, he gets in with her for more fun once she shuts the water off.

Solomon begins by rubbing Kali while his cock grows brushing against her beautiful ass. Once he has had enough of controlling her clit manually, he positions her against the shower wall to bend down and taste her clean, wet pussy. Kali responds by sucking his hard cock, and the two continue their private sex romp with more debauchery in the bathroom. Solomon’s 7th Heaven is shot in pure amateur format. Minimal camera movement allows for a much more natural view of the sex taking place. For those who have grown tired of the standard angle changes in Adult cinematography, this series may offer what you have been lacking in your porn watching experience. Not to mention, Kali Kenzington is a super hot redhead!

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Free Porn Videos – Fellucia Blow

Fellucia Blow Blowjob Experience

Name: Fellucia Blow

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Mission: A simple re-defining of sensual pleasures, from pornography to artistry, with a focus on the loving delights of giving oral pleasures to your partner. Hopefully, what follows is a mutual respect and bonding that can lead to an even wilder and more intimate sexual experience for all.

For those who view my productions by themselves, as a solo experience, my hopes are that you find hope, and passion, and a sexual release that will lead you, alone, on a new journey of discovery that brings you back to me time and again for erotic renewal.

It is my belief that a viewer knows the difference between someone who is merely “performing”, and is paid for their “work”, and someone who does this for the love of fellatio. My art is joyous expression, and is intended for those who truly appreciate “a blowjob experience”. – Fellucia Blow

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If I did not write a gleaming review for Fellucia Blow and her amazing blowjob videos, I could not call myself a real blowjob enthusiast. Fellucia’s love for the pure eroticism of giving good head, glows in every second of every session she documents. Although a good rough tug and suck from a hot and horny girl is always a welcome viewing experience, the girls usually seem rather empty about the task at hand. Fellucia never displays that lack of interest in giving oral sex to her lucky man.

Not only are these blowjob videos masterfully shot and edited, but Fellucia Blow‘s performance is second to none. The honest enjoyment she receives from her craft translates into a beautifully sexual use of her gorgeous eyes, lips, and tongue. I suppose I’m also a little partial to redheads, but i’m confident my point of view is not a personal bias. I have seen thousands of blowjob videos, and these take the cake for me.

If you are a real blowjob aficionado, signing up for this membership will NOT leave you with a regret.

Porn Star – Scarlett Fay

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Saint Patty’s Readhead-palooza!

Aye! Today be the most sacred of beer holidays; where the world over becomes united under the shades of green, orange, and white! St. Patrick’s Day also be the day where one type of woman is coveted most of all. Yes! Today be the day of the Ginger. Today be the day of the fire crotch, and the ripe strawberry of the female world. Today…we worship the Redhead!

This sexy Redhead is Smokie Flame. She likes to tease a little as you can see, but there’s no doubt that she wants everything that cock can give. Smokie loves to get soaking wet from getting her man hard as a rock, then cum all over his rod multiple times in a session. This hot Ginger is as erotic and dirty as any Redhead can get! Watch this free porn video and catch her cumming again in the link below. Happy Redhead Day!

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Redhead in Glasses Swallows a Fat Cock

This innocent Redhead hides a twisted dirty streak deep inside that jean skirt. Her cute fire crotch aches to take a fat cock, but she can’t suck her boyfriend’s dick properly without her glasses. So why not keep them on?! Their strict black frame keeps you believing her innocence remains intact, even while she’s getting fucked. Redheads in glasses and short skirts are just like the cherry at the top of your favorite sundae. You only get one every once in a while, so savor it and then get to the creamy goodness.