420 Porn Star – Scarlett Pain

It’s 420 2011 ladies and gentlemen. The day of days for marijuana smoking stoners across the globe. If you haven’t already assumed, a lot of porn stars love to take a hit on their respective bongs, bowls, blunts, joints and vaporizers. One in particular, Scarlett Pain, has done so many times on camera. She has a message for you in this video clip from Smoking Bad Girls Vol. 2.

Scarlett is our personal favorite pole polishing, cock abusing, fiery red pot head. Between her adorable complexion, and bad ass attitude, there is something every man can enjoy about her. She will smoke you up, suck you off, beat your ass and skip out of the room smiling with no problem what-so-ever. What more could you ask for? Happy baking friends!

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Hot Cam Girl - Jayden Jaymes

Scarlett Pain is one hot alt punk rock chick! Her sexy red hair accents her attitude really well, and those big natural D-cup titties aren’t bad either! She’s like a rouge Suicide Girl who takes her clothes off for us and touches herself for just you. We couldn’t believe such a petite girl could have such a sexy big rack. I hope you enjoy getting hard-ons, because this girl will give you one instantly! If you love hot girls with amazing bodies, Scarlett‘s the one for you!

Hot Cam Girl - Scarlett Pain

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Sex, Drugs, and a Sexy Little Redhead on Drugs

Scarlett Pain in Bong Load Girls
Scarlett Pain uses Dildo Bowl
Scarlett Pain fucks Dildo BowlScarlett Pain is one of my personal favorite super hot stoners. Besides the fact that I might have the worst Redhead addiction known to man, she has ability to balance innocence with attitude.

Scarlett is shown here in “Bong Load Girls” playing with a very interesting piece of glassware. The “Bowldo” can be described in two different ways. Either you think it’s a dildo with a bowl added into it, or it’s a bowl with a dildo added onto it. Regardless, the Bowldo smokes more pot and gets more pussy than a frat boy on spring break.

Whether you are smoking up to get down or getting down to smoke up, this is the piece for you. Just so we’re straight, i’m talking about both of the pieces in this scene. I’ve honestly never seen a better display of pot, pussy, and pot in pussy in my life.

Scarlett goes on to fill her pretty face with one lucky man’s hard cock. If you’ve never seen how this sweet looking little harlot can work a dick, then you are missing out. She’ll hit your piece better than she hits her Bowldo. “Bong Load Girls” is a must watch DVD.

12 more days…..

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Totally Screwed…Out Of A Shower

So check it out. One night, I went home with this guy I met at a bar. He was smart and funny and charismatic… Seemed like the perfect one-night stand candidate. After fucking the shit out of him for hours and hours, I was pretty dirty, AND late for my Spelling Bee. “No big deal,” I thought to myself, “I’ll just jump in his shower and head out the door.” But that was easier said than done. I was totally screwed out of the shower, just when I really needed one. I grabbed his towel, jetted out the door and began my search for hygiene all over New York City. Needless to say, things got pretty fuckin’ weird.

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