Free Sex Stories – 18 and Lustful

It was the summer after my senior year of High School. I had just woke up from sleeping in on a lazy Saturday morning, the sound from my alarm on my phone. The time shown was exactly 11:00 am. My memory raced back to me. My flight was to leave in two hours. I double checked the calendar to make sure it was the right day. It was right. July 4, 2012, it read. I get out of bed and started to get ready to go, and around 12:15 i was walking out the door to have my mom drive me to the airport so I wouldn’t have to leave my car in the parking lot for a week in the burning heat.

As we drove down the highway I kept thinking to myself the reasons I’m even going out of town in the first place. Getting bored, I fiddle with the camera in my bag in front of me on the floor, it was my graduation present. It was a Cannon T3I 18 Megapixel EOS Rebel. The camera I had picked out since my freshman year of High School. As far as my parents knew, I was going to a last-minute internship with a professional photographer to help make my portfolio for the college I was going to in the fall. But I was the only one that knew the real reason I was going to Indiana was to see my secret lover, Carson Morozza.

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Free Sex Stories – Diana’s Ross

Free Sex Stories - Dianas RossWhen I turned forty, I decided to travel to the east coast. There was no particular reason except that I was restless. Katy had moved on, and really after her, not many stood a chance. So I figured I could use a holiday.

I had left bartending and become a manager at “sprawl mart. There was an opportunity to transfer to Virginia. Not many wanted to leave Texas, but I was ready and very willing. So, I applied, and after two phone interviews, I was hired. I immediately quit my job, sublet my apartment and headed up to Blue Ridge Mountain territory.

Being a cheap bastard, I decided to drive and pocket the rest of the moving allowance. I could think of better things I could do with the relocation money besides buying a plane ticket. Besides, I would really miss my truck if I had left it behind.

Taking a week of vacation time, I planned on enjoying this ride. The route I chose took me to Atlanta, Georgia, and then cut up north. I got the cheapest motel room I could find and hit the best barbecue joint the locals could recommend. Because of the area I stayed in, it was easy to find some real “home town folks who told me where to get some authentic BBQ and ice cold beer.

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Free Sex Stories – Tara Barebacks

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Even in this light Tara could see that Brett had a hard on. What she didn’t know was why. He hadn’t touched her, and he was sitting at the other end of the couch. She wanted to change that, but she didn’t want to just scooch on over without an invitation.

“Ouch,” she said. “I think I got something in my eye.” Once he got close enough to look for an eyelash, she’d lean towards him, and he was sure to kiss her. And a kiss would lead to more, she’d see to that.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Brett would be on top of her, and it wouldn’t be the last either. Brett’s hand was under her chin, he brushed her auburn curls away from her face. They’d been doing this on a regular schedule, but something was evolving between them, and it wasn’t business.

She fluttered her eyelashes, and said, “It’s better. Thanks. You …” And then she leaned towards him, lips parted for his kiss.

Their tongues met, and he put his arms on her shoulders, holding her still. Then he pulled away.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he said. “Everything’s perfect. Just the venue… The couch is fine, but I want to do more with you than we can do here.”

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Free Sex Stories – Celebrity Lesbian Dream Team Part II

Ryan had just witnessed the most awesome scene of his life. Dumbfounded, he walked out of the recording studio both as the two superstars dressed themselves again. He turned off the video function on his Blackberry; for once, the power was in the lowly assitant’s hands. He would have the upper hand now; and he knew exactly how to use it.

That evening passed without event; the recording went well, although Ryan was not present, and he went out to a local Chinese restaurant with some of the other staff to celebrate another’s birthday. That night, however, Ryan planned to put his ultimate plan into play. Around seven, when most of the other employees had gone home or were filing out paperwork from the recording that day, Ryan headed straight for Rihanna’s room, Blackberry tucked into his pocket. The video of the lesbian act was recorded on his phone; he had an enormous bargaining chip in the pocket of his dress pants, and he knew exactly how to use it to his advantage. Seeing the light on inside her room, he knocked gently and opened the wooden door.

She was already in pink lingerie, reading a book, laying on her stomach on the bed. She barely acknowledged Ryan as he stepped into the room, his dress shoes making no noise on the plush velvet carpet. She looked up at him inquisitively, as if she did not recognize him.

“Yes?” she asked politely after a few awkward seconds. Confusion lit on her face; she closed the book gently, replacing it on the burnished nightstand, and sat up to face Ryan. The latter, with no emotion displayed, withdrew the phone from his pocket and began typing furiously, searching for the right video. As soon as he found it, his face lit up with a devilish smile, and he held the Blackberry in her direction, showing her the entire four minute video clip.

Rihanna was many parts stunned, surprised, horrified, and aroused; Ryan said nothing during the entire four minutes. As an ex-Marine, having seen unspeakable horrors in the wilds of Afghanistan, he was able to control his emotions, and kept from getting aroused, mentally surpressing all thoughts in his head. She was speechless; she turned to him as soon as the video was done.

“Wh–what do you plan to do with this?” she stammered, and he could discern more fear than anger in her voice. He had the upper hand now.

“You know full well what I probably plan to do with this.”

“No–no–you can’t–”

“I sure as hell can. Unless.”

“Unless what–”

She was speechless; she fell back in terror, looking up at Ryan as if he were some kind of terrible monster, ready to devour her. In a sense, he was.

“I think you can figure this out. You’re smart, ain’t you?” he said, the impish smile crossing his face again. It was time to stop surpressing his emotions; he could feel an erection growing in his boxers.
“You can’t do that–”

“I sure as hell can,” he repeated, holding the phone up. “I’ve got this, and as long as I have it, the fate of your career, your lifestyle, your future–it all rests with me.”

“You’re insane–”
“Not necessarily insane–just intelligent, and pretty horny right now,” he retorted. “Now…are you gonna let me have my way, or are you gonna let your career slip into the abyss?” Ryan looked her straight in the eye, his face radiating intimidation. She backed down from him.

“You’re gonna go to hell for this,” she sputtered, rising up off the bed.

“I’ll make good friends with Satan,” he chuckled, beginning to enjoy himself. He pointed to the bathroom, directing her inside the spacious room with a huge bath/shower and two sinks. She stripped the rest of her underwear off; he was now at full erection, gazing at her luscious wet pink and her firm ass, realizing that all of his dreams had come true.

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Free Sex Stories – The Tattoo Parlor

The Tattoo Parlor

I was very excited because I was going to get my very first tattoo. I waited until I was twenty four before I decided to get inked for the first time. Mainly because I was a daughter of a minister and had a job as a professional swimsuit model and both of them frowned on tattoos. But I had reached a point in life where I wasn’t going to be ruled by others and a tattoo is something I had always wanted.

It was late as I walked into the tattoo parlor in the center of town, away from my suburban home, so no one I knew would see me.

The only person that was working that night was a cute girl with pink hair and dark horned glasses. Her eyes were deep and piercing and she smiled at me with her red painted lips.

As I reached the counter she was behind, she stood up to meet me. She was about five foot four, wearing a pink tank top that barely held her huge breasts in, and a black pleated mini-skirt that was so short it didn’t cover the tops of her black and pink stripe stockings.

“Can I help you?” She asked me with a smile on her face.

“Yes I would like to get my first tattoo. My friend Susan told me that an artist named Christine is who I wanted to work on me.” I replied.

“Well girl, you found her.” She said as she halved bowed.

“Great, is it too late to get a tattoo?” I asked.

She looked up at the clock and saw that it was fifteen minutes before ten, then turned back to me and said, “Well normally I close a ten, but since you are a friend of Susan and this is your first tattoo, I will make an exception for you.”

She locked the door so no other customers would come into the store and asked if I knew what I wanted. I handed her a piece of paper with a drawing of a Celtic cross to her that I drew myself.

“Nice work, you should come work for me!” She said studying the picture. “So where on your body should I put this on?” She asked.

For a moment I drew a blank. I told her that I was a swimwear model and I couldn’t just have the tattoo put on me anywhere.

“I know a perfect place to put your ink on!” She said excitedly. “I can put it on your pubic mound! That way the only people that would know you had a tattoo is me, you and anyone that past third base with you!”
I laughed at her corny joke but thought that would be a great place because she was right about who would be able to see the tattoo.

She had me come around the counter and took me to one of the private rooms she had in the shop. Once we got in the room she shut the door and set her work station up. A few minutes had past, she finished setting her tattoo gun up, put different colored ink into small thimble sized containers and was ready to start working on me.

“Okay sweetie, I will need you to remove your pants and panties, and then lie on your back on the table there,” She said as she pointed to a padded table in the middle of the room.

Being a little nervous I hesitated.

Sensing how nervous I was, Christine smiled and assured me that everything was going to be fine and tattoos don’t hurt as bad as people let on.

“It isn’t the pain I’m worried about… It’s just that I have never had a woman being so close to my…. Well you know?” I explain to her.

She laughed and said, “Sweetie do you know how many, ‘you knows’, I have worked around?” She asked me. She followed up with, “Just relax and everything will be fine.”

I felt a lot easier and took off my pants and panties. Then I lied on the table and excitedly waited to get my tattoo.

Christine put on a pair of rubber gloves and began to work on me. She explained everything that she was doing and why it had to me done. First she used soap to clean the area she was going to work on, which was an odd but kind of pleasant feeling, which sent shivers to race through my body and my pussy to become a little wet.

After she cleaned the spot she pulled out a razor and shaved my already smooth mound and placed a stencil on the site she was going to tattoo, so she knew where to put the ink in me. Again I felt shivers race from my pussy and throughout my body.

“Okay sweetie, I need you to slide to the edge of the table and spread your legs for me.” She instructed me.

I did what was told of me while she sat on a small stool in between my legs….


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