Hot Tub Lesbians

a tale of hot tub lesbians

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By Kitty Mouser, courtesy of

After many months of nagging, Rick had finally caved in and bought his wife a hot tub. He’d have liked to have christened it with her, but work called him away and she was left alone. Rather than let it sit unused Viv decided to call her best girlfriend and invite her over to try it out. She hadn’t seen Joan for a long time and this would be a good way to catch up.

Joan arrived with her bikini under her dress. It was too warm for calf-length dresses and she was happy to finally take it off. Viv’s bikini was skimpy by comparison, but then her husband wasn’t so manically opposed to her revealing a little skin.

“I’m glad you called, it’s been too long!” they kissed each other on the cheek and went through to the back garden. “Is this it? Ooh, it looks lovely!” Viv had a bottle waiting in the fridge and collected it with a couple of glasses to take outside.

It was a late summer night and the temperature was still in the low 20s, so Viv was spared the hassle of working the patio heater. This meant they could get straight into the important business of drinking and gossiping. Neither had drunk for a while and it went right to their heads.

“I bet you don’t dare do this!” said Viv, unhooking her top and running round the garden. Viv was an exhibitionist drunk or sober. Under normal circumstances Joan wouldn’t, but it was a warm evening and they were both tiddly so she joined her, racing topless round the garden together. They clambered into the tub afterwards, giggling manically. Viv landed on Joan and gave her a kiss. It started as a joke, but the second one was more intense and their mutual feelings became apparent.

Joan was more generously endowed than Viv, boasting a 40E chest. Despite her chest size she wasn’t fat, rather a very firmly built woman with curves where they belonged. “You have amazing tits” Viv told her, putting an arm over her. “I want to play with them.”

“Go right ahead.” Viv moved to the middle of the tub to get comfortable. Joan wasn’t sure what had possessed her to say so, but Viv’s gentle squeezing and rubbing was so much nicer than the mauling she usually got from her husband. She made these thoughts known through encouraging whining, which only got louder as Viv’s hands went underwater.

Joan didn’t object and sat up on the side of the tub when she was gently prompted. Her bottoms were side-tied and came undone without too much effort. Viv put her arms round her friend’s waist and gave her belly button a kiss before going down.

It was nothing she hadn’t done before – Viv had tried many things in her time – but there was a definite difference between her husband’s rough approach and the gentle way her friend licked and sucked on her clit. She was also a woman after all, and knew the way she liked it.

As Viv continued she put one hand on her friend’s and gently stroked her pussy with the other. So gentle was she that Joan didn’t notice the fingers inside her until she moved slightly and they pressed into her g-spot, making her scream into the night air.

Viv tasted when her friend came and moved to let her slide back into the tub. “Come here” she said, when she’d recovered. Joan wasn’t keen on the idea of going down on anyone, male or female, but had no problem using her fingers. Her friend sat on her lap, legs spread around her, and she played with her lips and clit while the other stroked and squeezed her tits, all the while locked in a passionate kiss.

Viv’s fingers found their way back into Joan, less gentle but more passionate this time. She matched her friend’s pace and they were soon moaning into each other’s mouths, refusing to let go until they were both shaking through orgasms and couldn’t concentrate on their breathing. Even so, Viv didn’t move, cuddling her warm friend in a mutual embrace. They could find no words and leaned on the side in a comfortable silence.

Free Sex Stories – Timmy’s New Job

Free Sex Stories - Timmys New JobTimmy reread the ad, as the bus roared up the hill and diesel fumes wafted through the open window to upset his already nervous stomach. Wanted, a personal servant to attend to my every need. Must be a male with boyish looks, at least 18, but no older. Must be no more than five-foot five inches tall or shorter. Must be thin and small. Generally, the smaller the better. Applicants must respond by email for further instructions on how to apply. No experience needed.

Timmy desperately needed this job. He was out of work, out of his rented room, and out of luck! He seemed to fit the requirements, but he stank at interviews and knew he didn’t have a chance. But, what else could he do? He had only the clothes on his back, a couple of dollars he had panhandled, and an empty stomach. He wanted to eat, but he had to save the two dollars for the bus! He couldn’t walk to the interview, for it was too far!

The only other possibility was to prostitute himself to any who wanted to use him. The idea scared him! He was still a virgin with no idea how to please anyone sexually! Besides, he was painfully shy!

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Free Sex Stories – 18 and Lustful

It was the summer after my senior year of High School. I had just woke up from sleeping in on a lazy Saturday morning, the sound from my alarm on my phone. The time shown was exactly 11:00 am. My memory raced back to me. My flight was to leave in two hours. I double checked the calendar to make sure it was the right day. It was right. July 4, 2012, it read. I get out of bed and started to get ready to go, and around 12:15 i was walking out the door to have my mom drive me to the airport so I wouldn’t have to leave my car in the parking lot for a week in the burning heat.

As we drove down the highway I kept thinking to myself the reasons I’m even going out of town in the first place. Getting bored, I fiddle with the camera in my bag in front of me on the floor, it was my graduation present. It was a Cannon T3I 18 Megapixel EOS Rebel. The camera I had picked out since my freshman year of High School. As far as my parents knew, I was going to a last-minute internship with a professional photographer to help make my portfolio for the college I was going to in the fall. But I was the only one that knew the real reason I was going to Indiana was to see my secret lover, Carson Morozza.

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Free Sex Stories – Diana’s Ross

Free Sex Stories - Dianas RossWhen I turned forty, I decided to travel to the east coast. There was no particular reason except that I was restless. Katy had moved on, and really after her, not many stood a chance. So I figured I could use a holiday.

I had left bartending and become a manager at “sprawl mart. There was an opportunity to transfer to Virginia. Not many wanted to leave Texas, but I was ready and very willing. So, I applied, and after two phone interviews, I was hired. I immediately quit my job, sublet my apartment and headed up to Blue Ridge Mountain territory.

Being a cheap bastard, I decided to drive and pocket the rest of the moving allowance. I could think of better things I could do with the relocation money besides buying a plane ticket. Besides, I would really miss my truck if I had left it behind.

Taking a week of vacation time, I planned on enjoying this ride. The route I chose took me to Atlanta, Georgia, and then cut up north. I got the cheapest motel room I could find and hit the best barbecue joint the locals could recommend. Because of the area I stayed in, it was easy to find some real “home town folks who told me where to get some authentic BBQ and ice cold beer.

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