Porn Star Spare Time – Pussy Blow Bowl 2011

Of the many things people wonder about the personal lives of porn stars, what they do with their spare time comes up fairly often. This video is of three bright up-and-cummers within today’s Adult Industry, sharing a little of that thing called “life” together. Misti Dawn, Michael Vegas and Xander Corvus are members of the new generation of porn stars. A much more connected, technological breed of pro-sexuality performers.

In what we are naming the first “Pussy Blow Bowl” ever, these three compete in who can orally inflate the largest pocket pussy before popping it. Michael Vegas takes a quick lead out of the gate, but loses composure and deflates his pussy in hilarity. The laughter becomes infectious and soon lends itself as the toughest obstacle of the Blow Bowl. We have to admit, simply watching “The Great Cornholio” blow a pocket pussy bubble like a wide-eyed deer in headlights made us roll on the office floor. The competitors attempt to regain focus, but seem to have traded their abilities to blow for spitting in the pussy. Although great for lubrication, this technique does not make for great Blow Bowl strategy.

Amidst rubbery male fart sounds, and childlike laughter, Misti Dawn finds a temporary Zen under her furry animal hat to take over first place. Xander Corvus attempts stretching his pussy for better air intake, but still can’t seem to figure out masturbator inflation. Misti continues strongly until her pussy ruptures, and pops Michael Vegas in a rage of pussy size jealousy. Xander finally gets a handle on his pussy to inflate what looks to be the overall winner of Pussy Blow Bowl 2011.

What better way to celebrate a successful competition than making a pocket pussy yamaka?