The Office Girls – Viv Thomas

I just spend entirely too much time writing a review of The Office Girls by Viv Thomas for

The Office Girls is a Viv Thomas ‘classic’ from 2005 that I lasted watched in 2008 is still one of our number 1 ranked toy/dildo movies on Lesbian Videos.

The shooting isn’t spectacular, the acting isn’t much to write home about either, but the sex is pretty damn hot.

Cameron Cruz was a goto brunette for Viv Thomas for a long time and also appears more recently in Girlfriends Films Budapest series.

In this movie Cameron plays Lisa. The owner of some type of business where only hot beautiful lesbians work.

I’m not sure what they actually do besides have sex and xerox their pussies, but I’m not complaining.


Cameron and Dorina (Stella Stevens) seem to really enjoy kissing each other and rubbing themselves all over.
The premise is that Stella wants a raise and in order for her to get it she’ll need to come over the Lisa’s house and work on the details.


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