When Massages Go Right II! The Masseuse with Asa Akira

Asa Akira - Massage

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again- Massages are the shit! And now back by popular demand, When Messages Go Right II; The XXX Massage Review.

This edition, we’re taking at look at Sweet Sinner‘s The Masseuse, starring Asa Akira. In our first, When Messages Go Right column, we took a look a scene from Malibu Message Parlor II, where a eager young male masseuse does his damnedest to make it to the promised land by the end of the sexy message with a fresh hot body. With today’s edition we flip the game, here we have a hot young female masseuse looking for some extra-curricular activities with her hunk of a client.

Asa Akira is a sexy Japanese masseuse eager to please her clientele. Although warned not to, she never strays away from the “Happy Ending” and encourages her team of sexy massage vixens to give the client “Whatever They Want!”

Let’s see what happens as Asa gets her first client! Looks like she’s being very naughty, watching her client undress as he prepares for his massage. Lets see how this develops..

Asa Akira begins testing the boundaries as she reaches under the towel. How will her client react? Will he let Asa Akira have her way with his man meat? Read the rest of this entry »