Team Skeet – The Real Workout

It’s Friday once again porn fans, and we have a brand new series for you to check out. Now, having sex on gym equipment is something we have all seen plenty of. Your everyday collection of of “girl walks up to guy working out” or “guy walks up to girl working out” can get pretty boring. This is where Team Skeet comes in and freshens up an old, lifeless genre of porn videos. The Real Workout is a porn series that takes gym sex one step further than it’s original rendition. Team Skeet’s personal trainer approaches these porn stars’ bodies in an analytical fashion, and tells them exactly what they should work on to be sexy. Of course, this would be pretty hard to do if they had their clothes on. So he has them strip down to see exactly how they look when fucking and sucking on camera. Only after his analysis does he fuck them on his equipment. Lol!

The reality component Team Skeet adds to the mix is very entertaining. Their creativity in filming interaction between trainer and porn star, breaks up the monotony we’ve endured for so long in the workout porn genre. If you are a fan of hot sex at the gym, this is a porn series you should definitely check out.

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